Anybody have this 96´ bag?

  1. I was looking at my old Vogue from 96´ and saw this ad. It was designed by Isaac Mizrahi for a celebration of the monogram. Does anyone have it? I just adore this bag, so I would love to see pics IRL.
    Kuva 654.jpg Kuva 655.jpg
  2. interesting ... its my very 1st time to see and hear about this Bag ...
  3. OT: Chanel is producing the same Bag for s/s07 called the naked Bag with few differences
  4. i don't have this bag but i remember seeing it when it came out. couldn't believe people would pay so much money for a vinyl bag!
  5. I saw that back in the 90's... ppl think the prices 2day are ex$$$$... That bag was more $$$ than I could part with for a LV...:sweatdrop:
  6. It looks nice but how much was it ???
  7. *Sigh* LV's style is so timeless. They have the best ad campaigns. That ad is 10 years old but to this day it still looks edgy and up to date. If I saw that spread in a magazine from today I would never have guessed it was from 1996!
  8. So true!

  9. some people think we are crazy for spending so much on mono canvas bags! :smile:
  10. Cool.
  11. awesome spread!
  12. That's a beautiful ad, I'm sorry to say though in 1996 my mind was nooo where near LV yet. I wouldn't have known what it was if it smacked me in the face, I was happy with my first Coach bag, aaaah ignorance is bliss:shame: Now I'm suffering from an addiction that I can't afford:rolleyes:
  13. i was 6 :shame::angel::roflmfao:
  14. Didn't know that Isaac Mizrahi designed for LV?! :confused1: Wow, you never stop learning. Doesn't he have a line at Target at the moment?

    I've seen the bag on eBay once and thought it was fake :shame: Silly me.
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