Anybody have their LV Painted!?

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  1. I'm blown away by this! I want it NOW! I want my initials on my BV---- for two reasons!

    1- OMG- 16 different colors! Wow! I could get purple and yellow!!! Or blue and white- or orange and purple- or......etc.... awesome-

    2- This would seal my fate with BV- she'd have a guaranteed spot in my life forever---- haha-- kinda like getting married to a bag!! (oh shoot- what if I had to change my initials? heehee- j/k)

    3- I WANT A BIG RED STRIPE! Yes-!!

    HEEHEE- ok- so that was three reasons!!

    Anybody have examples? Pictures? Is there a club for this yet?
  2. I don't know anyone that's done it, yet. I have always been interested in doing it, but I would need to buy a bag just to do it, KWIM? LOL. It's on my list for sure. LOL.
  3. yep- I want it too-'s explanation sold me on the idea--- how fun!!!!!
  4. i would love a purple stripe on my speedy.
  5. I dont think they paint on soft pieces, just hard luggage, i swear thats what the video said.
  6. i can always dream...
  7. I must have watched that video on LV's website about 20 times yesterday! I hope that they can do it on a speedy, I only see the luggage done. I will be in Vegas in a week and I would think that they would know something about it. I would get a speedy 35 painted with a red and white stripe and my initials too.
  8. Weren't there someone who posted a picture with a painted speedy? I'm 100% sure it was a soft bag, a handbag, but I'm not sure which type.
  9. i remember reading about htis in vogue a while ago and i also remember them saying that designs, like a little crown or something, could be put on there. and that you COULD do it with a speedy.
  10. Oh, I love the idea of a crown! What a neat idea, I would love to see pics...
  11. OMG- Floridalv- LET US KNOW what happens! I want this done to my BV- I think it's the most awesome idea to express yourself through your bag!

    I want a luggage tag heatstamped too ;)
  12. I have seen a painted jewelry case (I don't know what it is called). It had two stripes (like the groom line) and two initials. My SA said that they sent it out to a store down south CA (not sure, but I think it was bevery hills) and that it was sent out in January. It looks very neat, but you can definitly tell that it was painted on.
  13. Interesting! I would love to see it.
  14. I will let you know. I think I remember something that it has to be a new purchase. Maybe I was dreaming?? I already have a speedy 30 and that is what I am bringing to Las Vegas with me so maybe they can just paint that one.
  15. Ok- good- can't wait to see future pics!!

    I so want the emblem thingy.........