Anybody have the V tote? Monogram or Empreinte

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    I've been thinking about upgrading my work bag and LV's V tote seems to fit the bill:

    It has a zip top, is big enough to hold my laptop, and has an adjustable shoulder strap. The black empreinte and the monogram versions are equally appealing, I'll have to compare in person, although at the moment I'm leaning towards the monogram. I'm curious too, because in the details section, the empreinte version is described as having four feet, but there's nothing about feet in the Monogram version. I will have to ask my SA to check. The price isn't over the top for either version and when looking at the photos in detail, it says Made in France, which is also a plus point. I do wish the strap was a smidge wider, but it's not super thin, so I can live with it as is. (P.S. I tried to do a search, but everything with a V came up, including every mention of Vuitton... :-s ) The bag also looks like it would come in handy for travel.

    I'm mulling over getting the Sac Blanche in black as well, which has a wider strap, so I could always do a swap.

    Your thoughts appreciated!

    LV V tote mono.PNG LV V tote empreinte.PNG
  2. I do not have this style so can't offer any advice but I'm also thinking about getting one so will be checking this thread. I think it's a beautiful and functional bag!
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  3. I wish more people.would comment. I too am looking at this bag but i also saw another bag that is similar, the Pallas bag. It is about the same size but it has a slip pocket on both sides of the bag, perfect for any size phone. Same shape and has shoulder strap as well
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  4. I just bought the V tote black leather with cream V bb ..a first LV for me. I really liked it. I liked the zip plus cross body and not too big. It has 4 studs at the bottom.
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  5. I’m taking my tote back to exchange coz the zip is too hard. I’m a newbie so my daughter informed me I shouldn’t accept that.
  6. I've looked at the Pallas but it's just 1 cm too small to take my laptop comfortably.
  7. I don’t have this bag and was thinking of getting it but then read reviews the bag forms a bulge under the lettering on the leather. A member here posted a picture of it and there is a video on youtube. I don’t know if it is happening on every bag?
  8. I did see that but i thought it was only when you set the bag down and it was fine when carried
  9. I went to see the Monogram version of the bag today at my local LV store and really liked it. I thought I would want the black color center but actually preferred the Bordeaux because the handles and strap are black. It was very comfortable to wear and the adjustable strap means it works as a shoulder or cross body bag. The zip closure (which wasn't hard for me, I wouldn't have liked a stiff zipper) makes it a good travel bag as well. My husband and I are going back on Thursday afternoon with my laptop to make sure it really fits comfortably and that the laptop doesn't make the bag sag in an unattractive way. Fingers crossed!
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  10. The Pallas is the same width as my laptop so I think the fit will be too tight...anyway I find the V tote design a little more appealing.
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    Quick update: the only model in Bordeaux at my local LV store is the display model. When I'm spending over 2000, then I'm not buying the display model. The (very nice) SA told me that unfortunately, they can't order one for me if they still have the display version available. So I am heading to another LV store about an hour away -- they do have it in stock and are holding it for me.
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  12. I ended up buying it with a store credit from some defective bags so I hope it doesn’t happen...
  13. Happily, the Zurich store had two of the V Tote MM in Bordeaux available and put one aside for me so I hopped a train this afternoon. The store was quite crowded even for a weekday, but when I said there was a reserved bag for me, I only had to wait a few minutes. The SA (Linsey) was very pleasant and helpful and offered me a beverage before showing the bag.

    And here's where the disappointment set in. Although the bag info on the LV site said it was 36 cm wide, it wouldn't hold my 34 cm wide laptop because the zipped bag opening was only 29 cm wide. I had brought my work laptop with me and we just couldn't make it fit. So...I reluctantly told Linsey no :sad: and headed back out onto Bahnhofstrasse. I texted my husband that the laptop didn't fit (and mine isn't a lightweight so it was annoying to be dragging it around on a vacation day). He called me and said, do you really like the bag? Would you use it for everyday or for travel? It's big enough to easily hold your iPad if not your laptop. So we decided that I would get it anyway as a belated birthday present.

    Back in the store, I told the "traffic" staffer that I had decided to get the bag after all and a few minutes later, Linsey was bringing it back to me. I looked at both of the available bags -- one was made in France, the other in Spain. I thought I would want the made in France bag but after comparison, I thought the made in Spain one was crafted slightly better. It wears very comfortably cross-body, so I think that's probably how I'll wear it most days although with the adjustable strap, it also works as a shoulder bag. Note: the price was 2270 Swiss francs; given that the franc and US dollar are pretty much equal, you will save buying LV in Switzerland.

    This is the link to the bag on the LV (France) site: and here is a photo of mine shortly after it was unboxed (empty, I haven't put anything in it yet). I'm taking it out for lunch tomorrow with a friend who lives just over the border in France, so I love that my passport fits in the zipped secret compartment. Will do a full reveal and review after I've worn the bag for a while, but overall, I'm glad I bought it even if my laptop will still have to travel around town in my old Longchamp Pliage nylon bag...

    on traine.jpg unboxed.jpg
  14. Beautiful, congrats! We are bag twins, I bought it in noir...
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  15. Did they tell you there is an outside zipper underneath the canvas?
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