Anybody have the Trapeze GM bag?

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  1. I have loved this bag forever, but was never able to see it in person. Is it too big to use as an everyday bag? There is one on E-Trade, but the fabric looks like it's really "wrinkled"? Does that smooth out?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me! ;)
  2. I have the Trapeze GM and it doesn't look wrinkled like the one on let-trade. I assume that they would smooth out after you used it a little. It looks like they stored that bag without stuffing it. At first I thought it was too big, but I got used to it...I even used it as a diaper bag for a while...
  3. LVixen has a lovely pink one :heart:
  4. I think Let-Trade has sold his. It's gorgeous though the GM in pink.
  5. Oops, Let-Trade still has it at US$1149. It looks pretty wrinkled though. :sad: