Anybody have the Quilted Denim Venetia?

  1. What does everyone think of the quilted dark denim Venetia :shrugs:?
    I need opinions before I buy yet another bag :cutesy:

    I am attaching some pictures.
    Be honest please :heart:
  2. I have a denim banana hobo in nude and I love it--I can def recommend the line as gorgeous. if YOU love it then get it!
  3. I really think I am going to get it as it is different.
    And I've always wanted a great denim bag and never
    could find a really nice one.
    Most had phleather trim, yuck :yucky:
  4. Chicbags, I have seen this IRL, it's nice! =)

    I find this dark denim color more versatile than washed denim color. The lighter colored denim Venetia looks more casual & has white leather straps -- harder to maintain than the tan leather straps on this dark denim Venetia. Selena has MP & Tote from this line, she loves them. =)

    My local Nordies had denim Venetia in all 3 colors (Nude, Washed Denim, & Washed Denim) during Semi-Annual Sale Event, they were gone pretty fast.

  5. This is def. different from the other Venetia. But would the denim be as durable as the leather ones? Personally, I think it's only ok. But it would certainly catch my attention if someone carries it!
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