Anybody have the Mischa bag?

  1. If so, what are your thoughts? Would love to see pics if anyone does have it - Thanks! ;)
  2. :love: it, except for the fake buckle!:crybaby:
  3. Do you have it GTO? I am trying to decide between that bag, the East West Stam and the Hudson??? :shame:
  4. Hi Pelinaka,

    I don't have that bag. In fact the Chanel one that's similar to the Mischa just a little smaller (10") is $1095 w/gold hardware. The SA said the brown one is going to be $1300+.

    Anyways, they're all cute bags, depends on what you'll wear them with and how often.

    Good luck, let us know what you get and post pics!
  5. Thank you GTO! I will def. post pics
  6. i would suggest hudson without a doubt.good luck.
  7. thank you for the tip! i will def. take a look at it this weekend :yes: