anybody have/seen a BV "lightning" bag?

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  1. Hi! I just walked into a BV boutique today and bought a doctor bag-shaped woven bag (well, I put it on hold for tomorrow's pre-sale). It's gorgeous, but I never saw it on a website before, either on the BV official website or on the websites of other retailers. The SA said it was a "lightning" bag and I googled it, and found a style very similar but not quite. Has anyone ever seen this IRL, and what do you think of it? And if it's an authentic BV (i'm assuming it is because I'm getting it from a boutique!) why is it so hard to find anywhere on the net?

    Thanks for any advice you guys can give...
  2. I've never seen one but can't wait to see pics of yours! :smile:
  3. picking it up today, i hope! since the pre-sale starts today! :yahoo:
  4. I'm looking for a doctor/bowling bag, so I'm very interested in seeing yours. I was considering the Prada but it looks so heavy.
  5. oh my gosh, i just picked it up today and it's so light, so beautiful, so luxe! i asked the saleslady what it's exactly called, and she said it was a montaigne from their lightning collection. i'll post a pic tonight - it's not very big at all and i'm 5'3".
  6. post pics, i would love to see - it sounds fab!
  7. ^hmm never mind, i just went to your blog and saw it there... TO DIE FOR!
  8. Congrats!! It's a beautiful bag and looks wonderful on you!! (I also peeked in your blog) :tup:
  9. bluegenes, a delightful bag indeed! Would be great for work and casual. I too peeked in your blog. :P Am meaning to start one - for family/friends overseas.
  10. aww... thanks for the super-sweet comments! i'm totally in love with my new bag - it's so easy to carry and so beautiful. i don't know why i have a blog - it's just fun procrastination. ;)