Anybody have Pictures with swing pack on?

  1. My mom was considering a swing pack? anybody have any picz with a swing pack on? just curious to see how small it is. How it looks worn etc.
  2. I do not have pics, because I just got mine the other day. It is about half the size of a small duffle. It fits my cell, wristlet, checkboook, large pack of gum, some makeup, and there is little room left. Hope that helps!
  3. here you go...this was last year when we were in Cameron, AZ on our way to the Grand Canyon (and then Vegas!)

    I probably have a medium skinny (bit bigger than the mini-skinnies), gum, cell, and a pen shoved in there.

    Ignore the fatness please...thanks!

  5. *MWAH*

    love're so sweet.

    (but I do have a total muffin top going in that picture...LOL)

    Here's another picture...from the Grand Canyon. (we totally need a "where has your Coach been?" thread...heheh)

  6. So cute. I have a sig swingpack with mahogany trim. Bought it at the Grove City outlets last summer. I like it but don't use it a whole lot but it will be great for traveling. Last time I traveled I didn't think to bring it and it would have been perfect for the passport/boarding passes instead of reaching in and out of my tote a thousand times.
  7. Girl you are sooo not fat. You are ROCKIN that bag!!
  8. deweydrop, your Swing Pack looks great on you!

    A "Where Has Your Coach Been?" thread is a cute idea! :yes:

    I'm waiting for my Signature Stripe Crossbody to come in so I can show her off! :graucho: