Anybody have monogram bequia porte-document vertical??

  1. Hey guys, I have been looking at the porte documant vertical in the monogram bequia canvas for a while now. I absolutely LOVE it!!! I havent seen anybody with one though so i was wondering if anybody on the forum has one. Also, do you think it would be able to fit my macbook? I would want to use it as a little travel bag. Thanks a ton guys!
  2. Anybody?
  3. I have one and I think it will be able to fit a macbook .. I have a MBP and it doesn't fit that:yes:
  4. not sure about your MacBook, but it fits my 12' Powerbook just fine with room to spare :yes:

  5. IMO the regular Porte Document would be a better travel and laptop bag because of it's larger and more practical shape- my SA and I were laughing at how impractical the PDV's shape was and how unpopular it was with LV's core Asian clientele (my SA herself is under 5' :p).
  6. ^ i strongly disagree. i've never owned a bag this versatile and useful. it can fit a lot and due to its vertical layout, it is also quite compact. the optional shoulder strap is plus and so is the fact i can carry it out in the rain without the slightest concern. btw, im Asian and im sure most of the people in this forum who owns a PDV are Asian too.
  7. Lol ^^ so true. I'm Asian, I'm 5"4 (shorty :p) and I find it just perfect. The shape of the bag is functional and I'm in love with the design. I have a macbook and it fits mine in with sufficient amount of room. The fact that the zip around the bag lets it expand is useful too.
  8. Thanks a lot then you guys. I am DYING to get one now!!! I also agree with deluxe duck about the versatility. I could carry my computer in it while traveling or some folders and notebooks to school and such. I really hope they have some more in stock!
  9. i have been eyeing on this bag for a while now too, i am thinking to get it for christmas after seeing LatinManleModel with his, it is tdf
  10. I have one too! :biggrin: though its weight with my 12" notebook usually kills me, I still love it! It just looks so chic, hah.
  11. hey, you better hurry. i had a hard time getting one last month. it really is a very functional bag. :tup:i have heard and seen it here and the lv website but when i saw it for real, I HAD TO BUY IT! haha. it is worth every penny now that i am using it and all. it has to be one of the best designed bags lv has produced. the expandable detail, shoulder straps...

    and ya, the shape is a-ok. i am only 5'4" too and it fits perfectly and i do hand-carry it every time i use it. love the shape actually.

    hope you get yours soon! :graucho:
  12. Hi, I'm 5'4" as well. I find the size to be great and I really like the way it looks. But I must agree with ValleyOppressed's SA that I sometimes have a hard time finding smaller things at the bottom of the bag. But there is a zipper pocket and a cell phone pocket...I guess it just doesn't fit all my small gadgets.
  13. I was contemplating getting one, however I doubt i will be able to find one at this time. I'm 6' so yeah... I'm sure it'll work for me though, so many choices....
  14. I saw them on display in hong kong landmark store and pacific place last week.. !! If u are intersted there is still a chance :smile:
  15. I have one in bequia leather and it fits a 15 inch mac book like a glove, it's my current fav at this time...