Anybody have Kooba "Annie"?

  1. I'm looking for an everyday shoulder bag, preferably with some outside pockets. Does anybody have this bag--do you like it? I like the long shoulder straps on this one. E-luxury has this one on sale in oak--it looks reddish on the web site but I've heard people say it's more brown/tan--anybody know?

    What about the Kooba Sienna- the embossed one is on sale everywhere.
    Any opinions on which would be good for an everyday bag?

    I'm new to this site so let me ask--is e-luxury a reputable/easy site to deal with? Thanks to all who respond.
  2. Yes, eLuxury is a reputable seller... In fact, they are the only authorized online retailer of LV. Rest assured your purchase will be authentic.

    Anyway, I have also been hunting around for a Kooba Annie. It's been a while since I've seen the Annie in person, but from what I recall the "Oak" color is pretty similar to "Cognac".

    Both of these bags would be good for everyday, it just depends on what you like. There are many Kooba girls here (including myself) who would say "Get both." LOL
  3. For some reason I never got into the look of the Annie. Sometimes bags with big flaps bug me. But the leather looks great and it's attractive. I think I prefer the Nisha. Nice roomy long strapped shoulder bag. But the 4 outter pockets are small and not comfortably gotten into and out of.

    I had the Keira, the little sister of the Annie and it's flap bugged the h-ll out of me. Plus it was waaaay to small. Good luck on finding the perfect bag for you.
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  5. I ordered Annie in Oak, mainly because I want a large bag in cognac with a wide shoulder strap. Thanks to you all I'm trusting eluxury and looks like they have a good return policy if it's not what I'm expecting.
  6. Eluxury is the bomb. One thing that I do is I use my AMEX. I go through to get the double points. ;).
  7. Although I don't have the Annie I tried one on earlier this weeks at Saks. It is a beautiful bag but the strap just wouldn't stay on my shoulder. It probably would have if all of my stuff was in it. It is quite roomy with a long strap...very nice! Congratulations on your new Oak Annie!
  8. Anyone have a pic of the Annie?
  9. I bought one for my daughter in the reddish color and she loves it. The lining is nice too -- soft and flannelish.
  10. For those that own the Annie, do you wear it as a messenger? I always wondered whether it can be worn that way.
  11. BabyK on one of the websites it's listed as a messenger which is what I wanted. Although I have several shoulder style bags I only have one messenger (black and a bit too small for everyday). I find the messenger is easier to manage with a two-year old and all the other "stuff" I am lugging around. Hope this purchase works because it's a bit difficult to find messenger bags that are large and attractive. I also prefer messengers when traveling.