Anybody have any Shopbop codes?

  1. Tia!
  2. My understanding is that Shopbop rarely has codes :sad:
  3. i called last week looking for a code. they said the next one will be around valentines day. codes are offered around holidays and such. usually free shipping.
  4. Shopbop rarely has codes, but they often will price match. Just call them with the other store's online information. They have excellent customer service.
  5. You can get money back too if you go thru Lucky Rewards or ******.

  6. Codes are infrequent because they offer a free shipping catagory?:yes:

  7. They have free shipping on everything. You don't need a code.
  8. Yes, shopbop matches, but you would have to call them. They do have a list of banned web sites (due to selling fake merchandise) that they will not match, so check with them first.
    But yes, I'm pretty sure they would match revolve clothing, shopintuition, reliable sites. Good luck.
  9. oh wow I never knew that thanks everyone!!
  10. In the Feb 07 Lucky magazine "Lucky Breaks" section there's a coupon code for 25% off. Just enter "luckymag" at checkout. It hasn't worked for me yet, maybe it starts at the beginning of February? Anybody else had luck using it?
  11. Are you certain it is supposed to work on everything, or just select items?
  12. Oh, you're right. Only on one shirt. I didn't read it all the way :s
  13. any other codes come up??