anybody have any info on griet?

  1. I heard somewhere in this forum that there will be a black mc griet, anybody have any info or picture of this bag, i am so interested.
  2. Yup I called LV and they explained to me about the MC Griet. THey'll only have the MC Griet in black and it's a little bit bigger than the Mono Griet. Instead of the bucket, it's gonna be a flap ( i'm not sure how to explain it). That's all for the differences between the Mono with the MC Griet. It's limited so if you want it, put your name on the wait list right away.

    Call up LV, your chance of getting the bag will be increase ( that's what the SA said )
  3. what's the retail on the griet again?

    It feels so good to be buying enabled again!!!! :yahoo:

    And you know how I love me some LE!...and if you didn't ya know ;)
  4. I don't know the exact price but I think it's around $2100 but definitely more than $2000.
  5. I think the price on the MC Griet is actually around $1900. It is only available for one season (so limited to a degree), but not limited like a runway item so they are starting waitlists now, but the bags will most likely be available in the stores as well. This is what my SA and 866 told me yesterday. I hope that helps!
  6. Thanks so much you guys for the info! I would never even think about spending that much until I saw some pictures but it's good to know I don't have to have an axiety attack over trying to get it. I'll never recover from my miroir hunt and I am always afraid i'll have to go through that again!
  7. that's weird. 866 told me it was more than $2000. Maybe she was talking about the mono Griet. Wow the MC is cheaper. I don't think it's a lot since the Ursula is the same price. Maybe I'll get this instead because the Ursula is so heavy.
  8. I was at the store today and saw the damier and the mono. I post some pics in the F/W Summary Thread
  9. I went to the store today and I got to look at the new Griets. They didn't have the MC but I snaped some shots of the Damier and the Mono Canvas. (sorry for the bad pics... they were taken on my phone). I tried to take a picture of the inside but the SA was coming

    The price for the Mono canvas and the damier:
    - 1650.00
    - Zipper pocket in the middle
    - Red Alcantara lining

    They seem a lot different from the mirage griet. The handles are long enough to put over your shoulder. It did seem bulky over my shoulder. It also has feet on the bottom I think. IMO, I really don't like the bag.


  10. :tender: that Damier is TDF!

    Thank you so much!
  11. ^^^ I totally agree... if I were to get one it would be damier
  12. imho the mirage griet is wayyyy nicer than these ones. :angel:
    maybe coz i saw them side by side & the mirage griet caught my attn. :shame: it's just tdf!!
  13. i'm still down for the black MC Griet - I think its gonna be a great bag!
  14. Thanks for the photos ..I do like the damier one too:heart:
  15. good luck getting it!!! I can't wait to see pics! :okay: