Anybody have any experience with Levis Curve ID?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a new pair of jeans and plan on ordering them from the United States since I really haevn't found any that I love here in Germany...and Levis doesn't offer Plus Sizes here.

    I saw the Curve ID jeans from Levis on the US site and thought they looked nice. I would wear the Bold Curve since I have a big butt and a smaller waist.

    Do you guys have any experience with these jeans? If they're no good then I don't want to bother with shipping them to germany and then back to return them :smile:

  2. I tried on their Demi Curve jeans yesterday at a department store and I was horrified by the fit. I am smallish-waisted with a normal size butt... so normal jeans that fit my waist can make me look flat-bottomed, iykwim. Thought the demi-curve would be perfect.

    WELL. They fit fine at the waist, but they made me look like I left my @ss at home. Which makes no sense? I think the fit focuses too much on fitting the waist and not enough on flattering the rear end. And isn't that the whole POINT of jeans?

    I used to wear Levis a lot when I was thinner (I was pretty severely underweight as a teen) and they fit perfectly -- I think because I really DIDN'T have an @ss at that time in my life :smile: But every pair I've tried recently (last ~5 years) have been dreadful. Personally I wouldn't risk ordering them online unless you can return them. Maybe they will be perfect for you... but that seems unlikely to me based on my experience... good luck!!
  3. Thanks guys!! :smile:

    Coco, I will be able to return them since I'm shipping to an APO address - it's basically the same as shipping to a US address. :smile:

    Will go read the other thread now...didn't come up when I did my search!