Anybody have an Elliot Lucca bag?

  1. Is it durable? Is the leather soft. They look supple. I wanna buy a "Tia" hobo as my white summer bag this week and was wondering if anyone has experience w/his bags. He has funky designs.:yes:
    tia hobo.jpg
  2. hi there fendifemale. i got myself an elliott lucca woven leather hobo in crimson from the bloomingdales website a couple of months ago; i'm afraid i wasn't very pleased with it. although the workmanship was very good, the leather was not as soft or as good as i had hoped it would be. and the colour seemed very blah -- what was billed as "crimson" turned out to be a very muted dark mauve. i would advise, if you are near a store that sells the model you like and if you have the time, to go and check it out in person. although i agree with you that the designs are quite lovely.
  3. Oh my! Well I live in a small city so I have to order off of the internet and I'm hoping they can't go to wrong w/white. I don't like cream.
  4. i recently purchased an elliott lucca bag from lord and taylor ($200+ bag on sale for $25!!). i had never heard of lucca before, but i really liked the bag. i haven't been able to find a picture of it or more information about it online so i don't know the model. however, i did just purchase the georgia II satchel in luggage (the darker color)! i can't wait until it arrives! :smile:

  5. Wow $25, what a deal!
  6. If you are interested in Elliot Lucca, keep an eye out for sales. I have seen markdowns like the one artiksun is describing a frew times at C-21 in NYC. I ALMOST bought a lavender bag from them a year ago but I don't remember much about the quality of the material since the breaking point for me was the lavender, not the bag itself.
  7. Go to ELLIOTT LUCCA. They have quite a few bags on sale there. The bag I have, the leather's nice, but the hardware's a little cheap.
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