?Anybody have a really broken in Giant Hardware bag?

  1. The GH bags have been out since early this spring- just wondering if anybody has theirs fully broken in by now? If so I'd like to see pictures- especially the City and PT styles.... Thanks :tup:
  2. hmmm.... I'll post my Cafe GGH PT tomorrow for ya....
  3. Great! Can't wait to see pictures!!

    Anybody else?
  4. This is my somewhat broken in Mogano SGH PT, I love the way it "hangs".. it's been used on and off since September... combined total would probably 3 weeks straight? It's used over the shoulder w/o the longer shoulder strap. ;)

  5. :supacool:How are the handles hold up with that kinda wear?

  6. Nice! Can I see a picture of it hanging?:girlsigh::flowers:
  7. OOOOO

  8. The handles for the giant bags seem to be thicker than the RH bags. They are double wrapped w/ the shoe lace like rope, & the room in between the handles are a tad bit roomier. THe handles are standing up quite well, they are as sturdy and stiff just like the 1st day it arrived. ;)
  9. oogie "R"...your mogano looks BEAUTIFUL!!! she looks nicely broken in and i see what you mean now :girlsigh: YES, we need a pic of you modeling it now!!! would love to see how it hangs on you shoulder and the crook of your arm
  10. your beautiful bag is the one that inspired me...still lookin AMAZINGLY DROOLWORTHY:drool:
    LOOOOVE this bag in the sgh!!
  11. heres my cafe GGH PT! sorry for the delay Alaska! been very busy! I guess its partly broken in... the sides are starting to droop and the leather is turning very very soft :love:... and the straps have stretched alot since i got her...
  12. [​IMG]

    DAAAAAANG it is sooooooo pretty!!! I love the drrrrroopy leather bbags get from wearing them often. I love you bag!!!
  13. ^^^ Thanks Alaska... yea shes gorgeous IRL... i love her to death... so have i tempted you to get more GH bags?
  14. cant*stop*drooling*

    need to buy bag NOW!:drool:

  15. OH MY GOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:wtf::drool::wtf::drool::wtf::drool::wtf::drool: