Anybody have a LV Speedy 40?

  1. I just ordered a LV Speedy 40 today, the measurements sounded fine for a handbag to me, since I love big bags. But now, (after seeing pics of it) I'm wondering if it would look ridiculously big on me :huh: ?! Just wanted some input from anybody who has this bag. I've had the Speedy 30, it was fine but I would've liked it alittle bigger.
  2. How tall are you?
  3. I'm 5'2" but, usually 5'4"-5'5" (heels/wedges on). I think it'll be okay, because I have a Spy bag that's 17"L x 10"H and it looks fine. I think I just wanted some reassurance.
  4. It's a preference aside from your height and build. BF thought it looked big on me (I'm 5'6") but I love big bags and I don't look ridiculously big so I got it and am happy with it.
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