Anybody have a Holly?

  1. I think they're so cute! But are they big enough???
  2. Hi Grace! I handled one a few days ago at my local Nordstrom. It was bigger and softer than I thought it would be, but I didn't really care for the double straps on the handle. Those looked and felt a little funky to me. The bag looked like it would hold a wallet, small makeup case, cell phone, and keys pretty easily. But no water bottle or magazine in that one. More of a going out to dinner bag.
  3. Thanks, sweetie! I'm probably not going to get one because it's a little small, and I've been cut off by Hubby, :rolleyes:, for awhile. LOL But I think they're so cute!
  4. Yes, they are cute and Revolve has them marked down quite a bit and I'm seeing them pop up on e-bay too. I'm cutting myself off though (for a little while at least) since I bought 3 HH bags at their latest sale. And I think it was one of your old posts about the Gaza luxe that got me to go for that one. I hope you still love it!
  5. Oh yes, I love it! I love it so much, I ordered a 2d on in the Fir. :okay: