Anybody have a Edith or Paddy in ROCHE?

  1. Hi All!

    I am very curious to see the Roche colour in either a Edith or Paddy :yes:

    Does anyone have a Roche bag and able to post a daylight pic by any chance? I would be ever so grateful :flowers:

    LVR have pics of Roche but the colour looks so different in each pic that I don't know which is for real? :confused1: Also, heard it described at dark grey but the pics on LVR make it look very brown to me :confused1: If anyone has seen Roche in real life then would you mind describing it for me?

    Thanks ever so much for your help :flowers:
  2. Hi Balchlfen, here are some pictures:
    Not good at this I hope it works:shame:
    Roche is a greyish blue tone in my opinion, its very pretty I love it:yes: .
    rochepaddington.jpg Rochewallet.jpg
  3. Ahhh thank you so much! The pics are very tiny - can you re-size or email to me if not (i'll PM you my email address) ! Thanks again, you are so kind! I really like the look of the colour:love:
  4. I saw the Roche again today at Nordies, it looks like the color of a stone, a rock, very grey with a little brown undertone to it (not at all like the 06 mousse that looked like moss).
  5. Thanks so much guys :flowers:

    I have taken the plunge and ordered a Edith Two-Pocket in Roche :yahoo: I will post pics when it arrives :yes: :love:
  6. ali_w, where did you get your Roche wallet from? It's gorgeous!