anybody have a charles david bag?

  1. charlesbag.jpg
    I :heart: this bag! Does anyone own a charles david? Do they hold up pretty well? I know their shoes do. What about his bags?
  2. You can't tell by this pic but it's a snakes skin print. Navy blue.
  3. I don't know much about his bags but I think they are good value for money. The bag you are looking at is very pretty. May I ask where you found it and how much it retails for?
  4. My experience is that the bags are well made and hold up nicely.

    I've seen the styles above at Macy's. Nordstrom has carried that brand in the past but it's been really hit and miss at the stores in my area. You could also try They usually have a good selection of Charles David.
  5. My mom and sister own charles david bags. They're actually really nice and well made:flowers: My mom has a hobo orange. She loves that bag coz it can accomodate many of her things.
  6. Zappos has both of those bags with free shipping both ways. I was looking at their line a few weeks ago when I was in their store in Willow Bend...VERY nice for the price!
  7. Thanks everyone. I did get these pics from Zappos. I stay on their website. LOL. I know Dillards also carries him. The ones I've seen in the store are very pretty. I was just wondering if they were well made. :smile:
  8. $328.95