anybody have a birkin 40 cm?

  1. i love big bags -- heck, i almost bought a HAC 45 (:censor: store sold it out from under me :hysteric: ). so i'd love to hear from anyone who has this bag and what you like and dislike about it.

    i don't like to carry a briefcase and a purse, and i just can't seem to bring myself to spend the money on a garden party . . . . so a 40 might be just the ticket.

    i know it sounds silly, but i'm really worried that i'll get a 32 HAC or a 35 and find it too small. :shame:

    TIA :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy had a 40cm. Here it is...
    cbk birkin5.jpg cbk birkin2.jpg
  3. I had a 40cm Birkin many years ago. It was too large for me, I kept putting more and more in and it just became too heavy.

    I like the 35cm best for me. Have you 'tried one out" in the store ?

  4. I have a 40cm togo birkin and I find that it is a versatile, stylish tote. It can be heavy if you stuff it but I rarely do that as I use it to carry essentials and work docs/lap top. That said, it is roomy enough to accommodate shopping items (after work for instance).

    I find that the 45 cm HAC is too deep and large, kinda like lugging a luggage around. The 40 cm birkin looks better, is versatile enough for work and as a carryall for weekend trips.

    Hope that helps
  5. thanks all -- i've "tried" the 35 in the form of an imposter that i got stuck with, but i've never carried it -- i won't use fakes (it's torn apart right now awaiting a remake!) i do look at it and think it would suit me better a smidge bigger -- but going from 35 to 40 is more than a smidge! so i'm looking to my gals for stories of how the 40 works out for you.

    i really appreciate the input-- i love that hermes bags can be sold on and some of the investment recouped. but i can only assume that re-selling a 40 isn't as easy as unloading a 35 that doesn't work out.
  6. If you love big bags, you will love the Garden Party! It's so amazigly chic, understated and not to mention, feather-light.

    I have my HAC in 45, Coromandel in hunter-green with Ruthenium hardware and is my personal favourite for those big swinging dick and venom-*****y meetings in the cold-blooded ad industry.

    Everything fits in there with room to spare. I'm a guy(so I'm led to believe) and I can't use anything smaller than a 40. It depends on your height as well. Hermes HACs are tall and the 45 is also the most balanced looking size.
  7. I think when it comes to Birkin/HAC sizes - it all boils down to physique & lifestyle.

    My favourite sizes are definitely the Birkin 30 and HAC 32. If I ever get a Birkin 35 again, I will use it as a travel carry-on. I have pretty strong arms but still, don't think I'll have enough strength to use a Birkin 40 or HAC 45 as travel carry-on...:P

    I love how HAC 45 & above look on men! :supacool: Eric, wanna post some pics for us to :drool: :drool: :drool: ?
  8. I like big bags aswell, and I have 3 Birkins 40 cm! But for me they have become a tad too big and heavy (I bought them in the late 90's when I was younger and stronger!) So I've decided to sell 2 out of 3, and buy 35's instead.....
  9. DQ, I don't have a 40, but I have a 45cm. Would you like to try it on for size?
  10. ^^ yes, please!

    feeling better? (she asked hopefully)
  11. Yep, apparently it's a bug going around. Chief complaint is sinusitis with accompanying headache that lasts up to 2 weeks. Some people have been febrile for a week, if you can believe that!! Nasty little bug.
  12. Yes, HG, are you feeling better?

    HG, DQ -- what are you guys doing up at this hour?? :wtf: (I can't sleep and am watching a weird French film (sadly, no birkins or kellys in this film), but what about you?)
  13. I'm getting ready to hit the gym. A full hour of total body workout. Last night I did 2 hours of cardio followed by a lower body workout. So, um, yeah, I guess I'm feeling better.
  14. 35's are by far my favorite, but I have one 40 that I love for travel. It has softened and so will easily fit under a seat on a plane. I love how much it holds and the fact that it has been around the block, I do not worry about a ding or scratch. I often put my Berlingot inside it.

    A 40 cm in a soft leather is going to get even softer (more "Mou" like) than a 35 or 30 in the same leather, more surface area of the soft leather and less of the rigidity provided by seams. So with a soft leather 40, be prepared for the Birkin to collapse over time. The handles will look more streched as well due to more weight inside the bag. See picture or Carloyn Bissett's 40 in earlier post.
  15. 40cm is rather heavy but roomy. there's a tendency to build up your muscles when you stuff the bag so much:yes: