anybody have a Belen Echandia "Be Mine" bag?

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  1. so I am considering this beautiful BE bag (am thinking of either mustard or pearlized light grey)

    however it is very hard to judge because there are no side view pictures or pictures of the interior on the BE site. I would like to know if anyone on tPF owns this bag, and if so if they could post pics and give a review of it? (i did try doing a search here ont PF but when you search for "Be Mine" it comes with a million other unrelated things too :biggrin:)
  2. Funny, this was the bag I was considering before I went total opposite with the Stroke Me Med. This bag though reminds me a lot of the Botkier Bryant satchel I have, which is why I did not buy the Be Mine. It is very lovely though! Sorry, that is all I have. Let me know if you want me to post a photo!
  3. There are pics and a review of the Be Mine in pearlised grey in the pics thread. I remember seeing it before. I think Tanja was the reviewer if I remember correctly.
  4. I had a Be Mine in mottled gold for a few days and returned it because the gold was too blingy. The bag was pretty big in real life and fit well over the shoulder. I really liked it, but haven't rebought because none of the other colors are calling out to me. HTH!
  5. oh ok thanks! i found Tanja's pictures in the "BE pictures + chat" thread. Gorgeous! :drool: I assume "steam" is the same as "pearlized light grey" (looks like it)..this color is very pretty. Hmm, i had been settled for an I'm Yours but now these pictures make want a Be Mine more. Gaah..can't decide!
  6. sweetneet, LOL, I know, always a problem with BE, isn't it??!! BTW, I love your closet photos! Looks like you have a lot of TDF gorgeous pieces!