Anybody have a Baby Bolsa Diaper Bag?

  1. I'm liking the bag, but I don't know if it will be big enough.

    Any opinions or thoughts?
    Baby Bolsa Diaper Bag.jpg
  2. Wow, that's gorgeous. I'd probably have bought that bag without even knowing it was a diaper bag. I'm definitely putting this bag on my future wishlist (I'm only 15 1/2, BTW). You'll be one fashionista of a mom, that's for sure!

    Here's a link to an eBay auction that has pictures of the diaper bag and what it fits, just for reference. The dimensions are 6 inches deep x 21 inches wide x 14 inches tall.
  3. it's pretty edgy for a diaper bag, I like that!
    14x21 seems pretty generous to me.
  4. I like the Bolsa bag alot!
    I hate baby bags that have kittens and rabbits on them.
    I am now 24 weeks and am thinking of getting this Isabella Fiore. I can carry it myself later on.
    Oh and when people asking about my cravings during my pregnancy..its simple....bags!
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