Anybody has this bag?

  1. It is by the French Company.


    or similar bag from this company?
    FRENCH 1946

    I like the look of speedy and the fact that they made LV speedy in the past.
    I like to know whether you like the bag, how durable they are etc...
    TIA for any feedback!
  2. I don't have one, but I've seen that company mentioned on this board before. How do we know that they used to make the speedy? I heard that on this board, but their website doesn't mention it.

    I like the style a lot. Prefer this color, though. ;)

  3. If I recall correctly, this is the same company I saw featured in one of those "how do they make that" shows on the Discovery Channel or something. Not sure on the show, but it was hosted by someone like the guy who played Cliff Clavin on "Cheers." Anyhow, what I remember is that they were a family owned company that was bought by Louis Vuitton but sometime in the last few years, the current owner bought the company back. There was no mention in the show (not that I recall) that they made bags for LV or the LV label, or anything to indicate that they ever made bags other than the French label.

    I also recall being very impressed by the apparent quality of their manufacturing process.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I am thinking of visiting one of the retailers here and see the bags myself. Maybe they are worth it for an everyday bag without spending a fortune. I have an LV speedy and I love speedy style so I am not that particular of who made them as long as they are reasonally made and real.
  5. Thanks onepinktee! do you know whether these bags are made in USA? I cant find any such info on their website. I really love it if it is made in USA!
  6. From what I saw on this show, everything was made in one location and it was definitely in the US.
  7. I called French Luggage and they confirmed that their bags are made in USA. the handle on the Sacoche is made of leather. I may have to just order one and see how it looks in real life!
  8. Ooooh, Nice! Post pics if/when you get it!
  9. I had the bag in the brown tweed. It was very cute, but I sent it back because I just can't stand not having a shoulder strap. French Luggage was just bought out the first of the year by another company, and they are still getting their act together. I have been having a bad time trying to get them to credit my account for this purchase.
  10. misslola, how is the construction of the bag? are they durable? does it look/feel like the mono speedy? why do you send it back? On their website the bag is supposed to come with a removable strap, so maybe your strap is just missing from the shipment. Thanks for your inputs.
  11. On eBay all the time, authentic - FashionPhile - etc., French Co. bags have LV monogram. So it's true. There are two differences, that I know of, NOT one piece of continual canvas, so LVs rightside up on back and a piece of leather on the bottom, and what's really need is (to me) no lock/key but a push lock on the zipper that attaches to the bag! I like it, but I like my upside down LVs he he.

    I think the way I've read it worded is that French Co. were "commissioned" to make the bags. The French Co. LVs are vintage.
  12. I like the black bag. Yes, I believe French Company used to make the speedy.....
    I can't find their website, do they have one where you can shop?
  13. ^^Merci!!
  14. i heard audry hepburn carried thier lv bags..