Anybody has seen NM anniversary scarves in person?

  1. From the pictures, I really love the white one. But my SA highly recommend the black one. She thinks it's the prettiest among all colorways.

    Which one do you like? thanks
  2. Hi,

    Well, I've seen the white and the black and personally I picked out the black. To me the color just pop more and seem more vibrant. I love the black!
  3. I'm with emanu1016. I got the black because the colors seemed to be a bit more vibrant. As gorgeous as they are, though, I'm not sure they'll work for everyone. Your best bet would be to get whatever scarf works best with your wardrobe.
  4. I chose the white--there are pictures in the "what scarf are you wearing today" thread. The black was beautiful but too strong for my coloring. I didn't get to see the other colors in person, but someone posted their pink one here on the forum and it was beautiful!
  5. It's such a personal choice. I usually go for black, but in this case the white one seemed to suit me more.
  6. I got it in black and it is very pretty with all the other vibrant colors.....I think I prefer the black!
  7. I usually go for black scarves too but I saw the orange, black and the pink cws this weekend and I loved the pink the most. But the black was a very close second!
  8. I got the black simply because that one looked the best one me. The white and the pink just made me look washed out, and I always look hideous in orange.
  9. I actually never saw the pink....anyone have any pics ?
  10. Thank you ladies.

    My local store is out of both white and black. The SA I worked with highly recommends the black one. She will order one for me from other store.
  11. I own the white one and I love it! I didn't see any of them in person before making the choice from a photo sheet. I'll post a photo shortly.
  12. got the pale pink and love it!!
  13. I tried both the black and the pink and neither worked for me, very unfortunately....didn't get a chance to try the white as it was sold out...