Anybody has plan for plastic surgery in Korea?

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  1. Hi
    I am a Korean and staying in Singapore.
    I was very surprised that price is double or triple for foreigners.
    Last month, I went to clinic in Korea and asked them but there wasn't such a foreigner price or something.
    I think they just quote higher for foreigners.
    Am thinking I can provide service to search famous clinics and get quotation. And also booking too.
    Quotation will be probably different.
    And source you get and Korean's get is different.
    Because we usually search from people's experience and results review.
    Pls message me if you need. I will help with reasonable price.

    FYI, Busan is cheaper than Seoul and results will be same.
    Since skills and machinery improved so it should be fine.
    A lot of Japanese goes Busan for surgery since it is nearer.
    I have done some surgeries in Busan, but it was good.
    And another tip is that Dec-Feb and Jul-Aug is pick season. You guys better choose non-pick season.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.