anybody has adel bag pictures??

  1. I tried to search but couldn't find it..

    Thanks :shame:
  2. If you go on the lv website they have a pic...but even better, i saw it in SA let me look at one they got in even though she said they had a huge waiting list for it. Surprisingly, I thought it was too small, pretty, but small :crybaby: i hope not to dissapoint you....
    I was actually surprised since the polly and stephen are huge...but If your hoping to get one i think the measurements are listed on the lv website so you won't be surprised!! I don't think it's bad that it's small, just for the price, i'd get a mono stephen instead..i think it retails for around 3200....
  3. Congrats on your Stephen. My friend told me she's in the waiting list for this bag . I am curious what's it like..
    She told me Kate Moss bag..

    Thanks gotta check the webiste
  4. I got this picture of the Adele from the LV website.:flowers:
    Picture 2.png
  5. Thanks...

    I showed her hubby the pic of Kate from VF , the smaller bag on Kate was adele (bigger one is steamer)but he said that's not the one the wifey put herself in the wait list and she's on the list for Adele...huh man....I thought I am missing something here..
  6. ^ wow..pretty..thanks
  7. [​IMG]