anybody has a pic of the new shade of the antic cervo?

  1. hi there. i am seriously considering the antic cervo in its new shade of colour which my SA called "natural". i am not sure what the official name is. any of you seen it? what do you think?
  2. nobody?
  3. i just received an MMS pic of the bag from my SA. it is nicer than i remembered when i saw it during a mad dash from lunch. i remind me of the colour of milk coffee, latte, tiramisu, you know... that kind of 'brown'?
  4. i know what the colour reminds me of! siamese cats!
  5. what's an MMS pic, bagpunk? :confused1:
    can you post it here?

    this sounds very pretty!
  6. SMS = phone text msg; MMS = phone pic msg :smile: so it was send by my SA who took the pic with her cell phone and send it to me via her mobile. the pic file is currently on my phone, and i have no idea how to download it to my laptop :p

    i heard something disturbing though: the antic effect (the darkening effects around the edges of bag) may not last for very long. apparently within a month, it sort of lost its effect! (scuffed away?)
  7. is this it, bagpunk? from Saks website, $2050:

  8. yes! :wlae: thank youuu! i am looking at its E/W satchel. what do you think?

    still worried about how fast the last season's antic look wore out...
  9. i have not heard much comment about this season's antik cervo... i think it looks rather refreshing
  10. bagpunk...

    I saw this antic cervo treatment on a ruched gauffre bowler at Prada last week. It is TDF! The leather is just soooooooooo soft and lovely. You can't imagine how soft until you hold it.

    The SA was so sweet and let me take a picture and all, even told security to back off that it was ok... and my darling girlfriend was not familiar enough w/my camera... and unfortunately she didn't push the camera's button hard enough to actually TAKE the picture. I was crushed.

    It's gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous.

    I did see this bag too, the image posted above... it is quite large... not sure if you would carry this everyday unless you like VERY large bags. :graucho:

    Check out the bowler! It's stunning. Oh! and on my want-list!!! :p
  11. oh i am so excited about viewing the bag SA has put on hold for me this weekend :wlae:

    do you think i should get the bowling (or whatever it is called) the one pictured above, or the E/W satchel?

    judging from what you said, i will absolutely LOOOVE the new naturale antic cervo! i wanted SA to set aside the off white with grey antic effects bowler too, but SA said she can only set aside 2 bags for me to choose from (since i was only going come a week later). i am so excited!

    i don't think we have the runched bowler cervo antic in this part of the world. in any case, i have the large gauffre frame bag, and i don't think i should have too many of the same look. i have the dark brown (cocoa) antic cervo, so i thought this natural in a different shape would give a good variety.

    you mentioned large, how large is large? as large as the gauffre frame bag? (pictured carried by beyonce and halle barry)
  12. I bought this bag a couple of weeks ago; this is my first Prada purchase. I'm loving it more than I did so at first. I'd initially wanted the cocoa antic cervo. But it's :heart::heart: now.

    Like the others have said, the cervo is incredibly soft, so it tends to fold at the sides, but it gives the bag character and adds beautifully to the aged-leather look.

    Here are two photos of the naturale, (over here it's called tan) and I will try to take more pictures tomorrow in the daytime.


    Together with what I bought the following week...

  13. Sweetfrock!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new bag!!! It's *G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S* !!!!!!

    Wow! And yes, I know what you mean about the leather being SOOOOOOO incredibly soft that the bag folds into itself. This bag is TDF!!! I have not seen it in person yet - but I'm going to Prada tomorrow - hopefully they will have it there!!

    What's your other DARKER antic cervo like? Can you post a pic of that one? I've seen 3 so far and all are VERY different. I was thinking of starting a thread on antic cervo colors and leathers... whatdya think???

    Thanks for posting these, your bag is scrumptious!!! :flowers:
  14. sweetfrock, what are the dimensions of that very beautiful bag you've got there? :borg1:
  15. That bag is to die for Sweetfrock is it the large or the smaller?
    I am going crazy looking for the brown one in large