Anybody has a bag from the Lesportsac Boutique?

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  1. Oooh! I think the pop dot alexandra is really cute!
  2. The Pop Dot would be great fun to carry this summer. The Lexie and Alexandra are my faves as I don't care for the Wild Zebra at all. I don't have any LeSportsac items but I would also be interested in knowing about them.
  3. It looks like the trim on them is patent leather! So cute!
  4. I'm liking the zebra print actually:yes:
  5. I like the zebra print wristlet. :smile:
  6. I like the pop dot. But for whatever reason the small hobo is so much more expensive than a few of the other bag styles I was looking at. Go figure!
  7. animal print isnt really my thing..but for some reason the wristlet looks pretty interesting and unique..:biggrin:
  8. I like the little coin purse in the zebra but I wouldn't pay that much for it.
  9. you rather get a tokidoki instead huh?
  10. Yes, I gotta have my Toki! Although I do plan on getting the fafi print.
  11. I was at the LV Lesportsac earlier this month, and the boutique ones look a lot better in person than they do online. My mother and I both bought one in the pop dot print. I got the Xandra and my mom got the Alexandra.

    I just wanted to warn you all who are interested in Xandra that it completely loses its shape once you put anything inside of it, even a small wallet and your cell phone. And with the Alexandra, there's a magnetic clasp that keeps the bag closed, but there is no zipper keeping the bag sealed, and I personally would be way too paranoid about someone coming too close and dipping a hand in and swiping something important. It's not like the Alexandra bag is wide open or anything, but if things like zippers matter to you, then I'd pass on it.
  12. thanks for the tip.. :biggrin: hmmm the alex seems like a bella to me? just without the zippers in the i didnt even know the price was $158...i rather get a toki!:graucho:
  13. :biggrin: