Anybody has A Azur Trevi?

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  1. I'm new into LV, from what I read on this forum, I think you can have a bag made with a line of your choice?:wtf:
    Is it cost a lot? And you can do it in any LV store?

    I think I saw a Trevi in Azur today, or something look like a Trevi....:shrugs:
  2. Hmm, maybe. But the Azur Trevi that you saw was most likely fake. Did it look like this?
    If so, then it's fake. Louis Vuitton never made the Trevi in Azur, sorry. And let's be honest, it's looks pretty horrible in Azur just by looking at the fake one here, don't you think?


    Oh, and welcome to the Forum! I hope you have a great time here. As for Special Orders, I'll leave that up to the other members to tell you more about it. Good luck.
  3. The Trevi is too new a model to have a special order done. Usually, you have to wait 1-2 years after a bags release before you're able to do a SO, which is marked up 30-40% from retail.

    The Trevi did not come out Azur only the Ebony; you probably saw something else.
  4. wow. these fakes are pretty intense. if the handles were different material it wouldn't be that bad actually. lol
  5. They were sporting a fake!
  6. I saw a fake Trevi Azur the other day too! I was like... is that SO? No... wait.. it's too small to be the PM... FAKE!!!??? lol

    :sad: Sad sad... some people... It'd rather carry a non-brand bag than a fake brand bag... honestly.
  7. I'd love the Trevi in Azur ... :sad:
  8. I've seen plenty in NYC. They are fake.