Anybody has 35 swift birkin? OR HELP!!!

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  1. Ladies,

    I was offered a 35 swift birkin. But I noticed the 35 slouch much more as it is bigger... Anyone has a 35 swift??? Or had any experience with it? I need help ASAP, as I need to make the decision within 1-2 hours.


    HELP!!!...:sweatdrop: :Push:
  2. I have a 35 swift Birkin. It does slouch, but mainly when it is empty. Almost all of the slouch happens when you have it clasped shut. I usually have mine open and it has no slouch at all.
  3. What color, Wellow?
  4. What happened Wellow? Did you accept?
  5. It's BJ!!!! The color that I've been waiting for... :sad:

    But sadly, I have to turn it down as it's more slouchier than I expected in a swift... Maybe if it's a 30, it might not be as slouchy.

    And my dad promised me when I've graduated, I can have another birkin. But as of now, I have to be satisfied with one... and it's fair enough I guess. I have to put a stop somewhere. I did contemplate in selling my orange one, but since I'm questioning its slouchiness, I think I should wait....

    So no more birkin until next summer... :crybaby:

    PS: 35 BJ Swift Birkin is up for grab in Hermes Atlanta...
  6. Thanks Candace for your quick response...

    And I have to give a shoutout to duna, for a being a great tPF-er!!! ;)