Anybody had some extra discount or gifts or services by the stores?

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  1. I am always asking myself, i am a good customer at Louis Vuitton. I have bought several items in one month at the same store. But does anyone of you ever had a discount or a gift or something like that...

    I think if you are a good customer, they can do something extra for you right?
    But they say that they never gave discount...But i also will be satisfied with a gift or something like that...

    Does anyone of you guys/girls had something like that??
  2. Hi, they never ever give discount and gifts are usually for long running customers who have been buying from one particular store for a long time. Also there are people who spend hundreds of thousands of Euros/Dollars a month on LV and they are probably priority.
  3. Of course LV never does discounts, but they do give out VIP gifts to the extra special spenders/customers.

    I do wonder if the SAs get a discount, though.
  4. SAs do get a discount. i believe its 30% off, but they are limited in what they can buy (there are rules for LEs and such). also, i think they get their discount after a probationary period.

    as others have said, VICs and loyal customers get gifts from time to time. however, the VIC criteria changes from store to store and even from SA to SA.
  5. yah i also heard the SA's get discounts for themselves & that VIPs get gifts...i just think it all depends on who your SA is. I've bought 2k bags from my SA and never got a gift..i did get post cards and invites to a revealing in Vegas, but no actual gifts. I've seen a few people here get things less than 2k and they got a gift.

    Maybe on my next 2k bag i'll get something...MAYBE!!!!!!!!
  6. LV does not give discounts. I only got one little gift a couple of weeks ago. I have been shopping with the same store and the same SA for many years. Don't understand the reason about the little gifts and how they decide who to give it to. Personally, I could care less for the little gifts. I rather have my SA find the item that I want ASAP instead of putting me on a long waitlist.

  7. I'm not sure if I'm reading what you said correctly but it really matters on quantity of bags purchased. Like some of the people who got gifts most likely buy a couple of $1k bags regularly, versus someone who would buy a 2k bag every once in a while kwim? In the end it's just how much money you spend at LV and your relationship with your SA.

    Also I think there's different levels or something because I have yet to receive any gifts from my SA (well I haven't bought anything lately lol) but I have been invited to exclusive parties (not the cocktail parties where the store is still open).
  8. ^^yeah its a complete mystery. i don't spend much, but i have gotten invites and have been shopping at the same store for about 2 years now. on my last visit to the store, i got a candle. also, i gave the staff some treats, so that might've helped lol.
  9. We've gotten a few gifts...decks of cards, crystal paper weight, tickets to a concert, party invites.

    I agree! My SA always puts aside things I want as well as will order things if they don't have it in stock. He has even hunted down hard to find items! Those things mean more to me than any gift!
  10. I am in complete agreement with the above. My SA will put things aside for me as soon as they come in and if they don't come in within two weeks, will order them in. I've also received a replacement lock and repairs for free. There are a few other things my SA has done, which mean more to me than any little gift I could get, but I won't mention them here :smile:
  11. Then you shouldn't have mentioned it because now we are all curious! lol.. :sweatdrop: