Anybody got this bag???

  1. I was browsing through and i stumbled upon this gorgeus bag! Its by Hype and its called Modena! Im not familar with this brand as im from the UK. Is this brand a designer brand if you know what i mean? its not that expensive so was just wondering! I think its lovely but just not sure if its a bag that can be carry all the time! So if anyone got this bag or maybe seen it in person could you let me know what you think?? its a shame theres not much pictures of the bag...would have been nice to seen the patterned interior and other angles of the bag! :smile:
  2. I don't have any HYPE bags...YET. It is so funny that you posted this because I just discovered HYPE bags this week and I am IN LOVE with all if them. I really need to slow down with the designed bags (LV, Gucci...) for a while and on my thread about HYPE everyone said that they are awesome bags with great detail, awesome leather and for a great value. I am planning on getting on really soon! Now we can be HYPE Buddies, apparently most people already knew about this brand, we can create the newbie to HYPE club!! lol!!!
  3. Totally know what you mean..i was drooling all of the ones that were out :drool: yup hype buddies...i like the sound of that :tup: what one are you going to get soon? i think my first purchase of hype bags would be the one i have left a post about! im still shocked at the price of those bags...maybe cause i have been interested in the really high end stuff that i forgotten there are good bags available without the heavy price tags...:confused1:
  4. That is how I felt too. The price was just so yummy, you can't really resist. They look like the higher end bags and the price is fab!

    I posted the ones that I am currently lusting over!! ENJOY HYPE BUDDY!!!! :yahoo:

    (P.S. I am so glad that I found someone else on here to chat about with these, to most tpfers it seems like they already know and have moved on...but it's so fun to discover something that you really like!! :wlae:)
    prodImage.jpeg 2249-237402-t.jpeg 5007-282662-t.jpeg
  5. I'm a Hype newbie too. I'd been eyeing a clutch on Zappos for a while....actually I bought it but sent it back because it was too small for what I needed at the time. But now Bluefly has it for almost half the price. Does a purse ban have to remain intact when you find a fabulous deal?
  6. HAHA I would say def. not, bag bans were made to be broken. For that kind of price and deal that BLUEFLY has right now, I say go for it. If anyone put you on a bag ban just play it off "Oh this old thing? I have had it for years!" Although sometimes that tends to wear off!!! (My Dad and BF see right through it now!)

    GO FOR IT!
  7. princess, you're such an enabler! lol but yeah, i think i'm going to order it from Zappos and then I can get 110% of the price difference since Bluefly is so much cheaper!
  8. I am an enabler! My friends always say that when we go shopping, when I see a sale I go for it, there is a chance it won't ever be there again!!

    hehe I am bad, but it's worth it!!

    you HAVE to post pics and tell us what you think when you get it, so far like I said I have heard nothing but good things. I am so excited to get one!
  9. I love the clutch! oh my god you have to buy something soon so i can drool! i can't right now unfortunately as i spent a bit too much lately...well within this month! :sad: if only i seen hype bags sooner i wouldn't have bought another chloe argh!!
  10. Knasarae, definately post pics! i want to see the bag in real life! i don't like the photos bluefly shows you! i cannot believe it took me this long to find out about Hype bags...i need to be here more hehe :p keep up to date with things
  11. Yeah I think I am going to finally get one next weekend. I have spent a lot lately too, on bags and my BF and I just bought a condo so we have been spending a lot. But I need some new stuff for fall and I am def. going to get some HYPE. BUT knasarae might be getting one soon, so I told her to post ASAP!!!!
  12. Ive just discovered this brand too (through tPf) and have to say they seem really good for the price! unfortunately bluefly dont ship to the UK....yet! so ill have to find somewhere else to buy them, theres too good to miss out on :smile:
  13. what :cursing:?? they don't! i live in the uk..aww thats rubbish!! i got all excited about the bags i never even checked whether they delivered to the uk...argh!!

    Post pics so i can drool over them :p lol
  14. princessaj- love the third bag on your "lust list"- have you checked out the wallets? There is a patent leather one I MUST have! <br><br> Can I join your club too? :graucho:
  15. Of course you can!!!! Anyone who loves HYPE can!!! :yahoo: I just love the look of all the bags. They look like super expensive designer bags, but at a wonderful price!!

    WELCOME!! hehe