Anybody got a picture wearing Alma with shoulder strap?

  1. I really would like to see how this looks when the shoulder strap is attached. Anybody got pics? Thanks!
  2. I have one for you.....sorry about the messy artwork...:P
    DSCF0010.JPG DSCF0011.JPG
  3. Looking for Texasgirl.......:supacool:
  4. Thanks for the pics! Is the strap adjustable? It looks much better than I thought. Do you use it that way often? I'm thinking of getting the damier alma as my next bag, but I want the versatility of having the strap. Good job on the pictures! :yes:
  5. What about using a shoulder strap for a Speedy, Ellipse or a Manhatten GM which I know is highly unlikely....Any pics????
  6. Thanks!!.........Yes it is adjustable....and I do use it maybe 30% of the time when I use the comes in handy and sometimes necessary when shopping or running errands for sure.... I have noticed on some ladies that use the straps all the time that the bag looks a bit stretched, after a long time.....but so far so good and I have had mine for 3 years and counting....
  7. Good to know that yours hasn't stretched. Looks great, you have convinced me. By the end of the year, I'm getting the damier alma and strap. Woo-hoo!!!:yahoo:
  8. You will love it!!!!!:yahoo: