Anybody got a betty chain tote???

  1. Hi! There is a sale on for a betty chain tote in black in where i live! It has marked down several times and it is sitting at a good price..still expensive but well from where it was!

    Anyhoo, i just want to know does it sit comfortably! i didn't have time to mull over it as i had to go back to work but when i tried it i felt it was rather heavy..dont know whether it cause it had so much padding! also i found it bulky and felt my arm was resting on the bag if you know what i mean as the handle drop is quite long. Just wanted to know whether cause they pad it out thats affecting my judgement?? its a lovely bag..i love the chain detail which i think brings the bag to live! also do you think patent will be a classic style especially with the bettys? i don't want to get a patent bag and find it out of style after a year!
  2. Ordered this bag last season and returned it, just too heavy. I did love the look and love the bag, but everytime I put it on my shoulder my neck hurt. The other flaw was the stitching in the leather pieces in the handle came out. I got a great price, ($798) and BG offered another 10% discount to have the stitching repaired, but the weight won, I returned it. If you can return it, then I would say take it home and try it and see what you think, it might work for you.
  3. I bought one from Bergdorf's and I loved the way it looked but the leather panels on the chain felt like they were going to cut into my skin when I carried it on my shoulder. It was rather heavy as well, and I couldn't see myself looking forward to carrying it, so I returned it.
  4. Is the patent leather style will be lighter compared to the leather? i haven't seen any patent ones so couldn't try it out
  5. I also ordered the patent style, but the chains were too clunky for me, so it went back too. It was much lighter and a beautiful bag, but I actually preferred the large double strap chain Betty look over the patent. Overall, I don't think the chain straps were for me. I own 3 Betty's, a large gray and large black, and a black patent tote. I love this style (obviously), so the Betty is a great bag, as I mentioned in previous post, if possible, try it and see what you think. :smile:
  6. Hmm.. im asking cause i bought the patent version of this bag in the burgandy..the colour won me over! i bought it on eBay so i hope the patent will be ok for me! But i have to say i am falling for betty first i never really liked the style but im liking it...the simplicity of it! its great!
  7. First let me say, I believe the bag in question is absoultely drop dead. Sadly it's looks come at a price, yes it's very heavy. I have the small patent brown chain handle Betty and that purse is a tad heavy but the Chloe patent is just gorgeous. It's distressed patent so cool!

    My sister bought the bag your thinking about and returned it, the sale price was 1200 dollars. If you can purchase this baby for under 800 dollars it would make up for the weight issue? Just don't put allot of stuff in it, that should help?:okay:
  8. Well i got it for just over 800 dollars so its not too bad..i seen the black leather at the designer store in where i stay and it was round about 1000 dollars in the sale so this was a bargin!

    Is it heavier than a paddington? iv got two already and i don't mind the weight of long as i dont get over board with what im carrying!
  9. Great deal on that bag, I believe the original retail was $1840. The burgandy is beautiful, I have a black patent Betty tote, one of my favorites, Chloe does a nice job with patent. Congratulations on a great price on a great bag!!
  10. Aww thanks llson! can't believe it was that price before :wtf: the pics of the bags looks absolutely amazing! i will definately post pics up when im getting it! The women who i bought my bag off is also selling a gorgeus chamois large betty at the same price...she also got a dove trying to see if i can shift my finance around so i can buy the chamois as its a great deal but i feel bad as i spent a bit on bags lately..i know after this purchase that will be me for bags!
    heres the chamois tan betty. I just don't know i seem to be loving bettys right now and i wasnt a fan of them before!
  11. Know what you mean about the Betty's, that was me last year, I jut fell in love with the look and the style, and ended up with 3, a large black, large gray and the black patent tote. As someone mentioned, 'casual chic'. Listed my gray for sale on e-bay a couple of times, but can't decide if I want to let it go, it's just such a cool bag, so for now it's a keeper.:smile:
  12. Is the gray nicer than the chamois? i can't decide which one is better. i seen in some thread that the chamois can easily get stuff on it easily..but i do like the tan! sucha fan of chloes bags!
  13. I think the color is a personal preference. I bought mine last year on the last markdown, and I searched to find a large Betty, any color, I think it was around $715 at Saks. It was my first Betty. If I had a choice, I would probably go with Chamois, because I feel it is a little more neutral. I later purchased the Black Betty (I believe from the earlier production) at Neiman's for around $1100 on sale. My large Betty's:
  14. The gray is actually nicer seeing it there than the ones iv seen! its a nice neutral colour! Thanks llson, you have been so helpful! im still mulling over whether to get the large betty...just need to see my finance.whether i can stretch a bit more lol loving bags especially chloe is a bad thing..think i should just wait till my patent betty arrives...might be happy with just one!
  15. I have 3 Bettys: both the small & large double handled bags and one chain bag. I always favor the chain tote over the others because it is easier to wear over the shoulder. I like the longer pockets on the chain bag as well. I got used to the bag's weight after a while even though I'm a tiny person. All three of mine are python, but I love the patent too. If you don't go overboard and put too much in it like you said, I think you'll be fine.

    PS I love that seller too...always has fab deals! You have to talk your man into letting you get it!