anybody going to holt renfrew tonight?

  1. for the private shopping night? i've never been to one and i guess you really dont need an invitation to go because i called them and they said to just come in at 6:30PM... :yahoo:
  2. I wish this was next Wednesday Night. :crybaby:
  3. My credit card is taking some damage at the Calgary store tonight LOL but I wont be there, I'm still in Texas until the 30th - but nice to get in on the PSN :smile:
  4. Hope any pfers attending will have fun this evening.
  5. I went, but I didnt buy LV. I bought a GORGEOUS Burberry coat, some shirts and sweats, and I got a $100 gift card too! :yes:
  6. Oops, I totally forgot that it was tonight.
    Oh well.
  7. ooh rishin, congrats! i was looking at burberry coats there last weekend...they are all beautiful!

    i am heading down pretty soon, i have been itching to pick up my pre-orders for the past two weeks!
  8. Why is it always on a weeknight - and why is it always at night?? Dang!
  9. nope. at home with sick kids! wanting the montaigne. guess its not meant to be.... but wait! i can call them! yup i'll call them now! hehehe
  10. nope. I don't really like HR cuz the Montreal one doesn't have LV inside it lol. LV is in Ogilvy (a 2 mins walk down the hill). Also, I like Ogilvy more cuz I know lotsa people and they're way more friendly than those SAs in HR :yes:
  11. Nope! Not enough money to buy $750 worth.
  12. nah...saving up for trip (in 2 weeks I'll be in asia)! But I hope whoever went had lots of fun! I had way TOO much fun last time -- there's still a little bit of damage left on my cc :roflmfao: ...
    Plus....everything I want is on waitlist...(good thing :sweatdrop: )
  13. just got back from holt. i had soooo much fun. I went with my sister- we've both never been to one before so we were kinda just there to snoop around. I bought a cles, my sister bought a coach wristlet. They had a silver dentelle and a gold one. I think they said it is CAN$1200.00. Silver one is cute but the gold kinda looks mouldy. :smile: SOOOO MANY LVs everywhere. I would've been happy even just to sit in one corner and admire all the bags. Everybody had designer bags :drool:
  14. I was there tonite too! Thankfully it wasn't all busy everywhere...cept' LV, that place was nuts. I didn't care for the dentelle speedies either...I didn't really like the vachetta? Although I know many ladies on the boards will rock it!

    LV actually had a fair amount of items in despite everybody buying it up like crazy!
  15. ooohh, did you have fun? did you get anything? i saw a LOT of ladies with bags and bags of LVs. I kinda feel left out with my itty bitty bag with only a cles inside:p