Anybody from Calgary or other areas of Alberta?

  1. My bf just received a job offer from an University in Calgary so we are thinking about moving there in the next few months. Is anybody from the area? If so, could you tell me a little more about the area? We currently live in the US (Ohio). Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
  2. Hi, I live a few hours south of there. It is a very beautiful city. Housing is pricey and in pretty high demand. It is a very nice place to live I did live there for just over a year and really enjoyed it. Alberta is a great province to live in we have good health care, no extra provincial taxes and our economy is booming. If you have any specific questions don't hesitate to ask, there is quite a few albertians on this board and from Calgary. Hope this helps.
  3. I spend half of my time between Calgary and Vancouver. Calgary's economy is very very good right now. Last year we had ralph bucks ( ralph klein, Alberta premiere ) which is free 400 dollars cheques for every Albertans. There are waaay more jobs here than workers. Everywhere you look you'll see a hiring signs. And there's estimation of 100 people a day move to the city therefore housing prices have skyrocketed in the past year or so and there's like 1 percent or less vacancy rate. Taxes are cheaper in Alberta than the rest of Canada though.
  4. I am in Calgary...there are quite a few active members in Calgary on this board...I believe karman and 4everLV, as well as our local SAs!

    The real estate market is beginning to level off, so there is housing available w/o having to participate in horrible bidding wars! Shopping is ok, we are getting to be a bigger city, so more and more progressive stores are opening up. Food wise, it is pretty decent, there are many good places to try. Banff is a short hour or so drive away for an actual LV boutique and ski resorts!

    My only complaint is the cold spells we get (however not for long due to our chinooks) and the fact that traffic seems to be getting worse as infrastructure fails to keep up. They are trying though...

    If you need any specific info, feel free to PM! I would be happy to help.
  5. :yahoo: woop woop CALGARY :yahoo:
  6. I don't live there but spend 3 weeks every year in the Lake Louise / Banff area for skiing. Alberta is "God's country" if you KNWM! Unbelievably breathtaking.

    I think Calgary has changed alot in the past 2 years because of the oil boom. Every year it seems to grow a bit more. You can't see the mountains from Calgary but you will if you drive west. I guarantee if you drive to Lake Louise it will be the most beautiful site you have ever seen.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  7. I love living in Calgary. I find that it's a laid back city. If your BF is seriously considering the job offer, I suggest that you start looking for a place to live. Like they said, more and more people moving to Calgary. But there's a lot of jobs available. Cost of living is decent. Our tax is only 6%. We have child care allowance of CAN$100 for every child until age 6, depending on salary we also have monthly GST (tax) credits, family allowance, child tax credit and child health benefits. We have Alberta Health (I dont know how much per month because my husband's company pays for it) so hospital bills and doctor bills are taken care of. Most companies have additional benefits for vision, dental, etc.

    Shopping is decent. There's about a dozen big malls. We have Holt Renfrew downtown that sells high end designer stuff (Prada/ LV/ Gucci/ Coach, etc)
    Holt Renfrew. Also West Edmonton Mall is just 3 hours away.

    It can get cold here. The other day was -20 plus wind chill so about -30.

    Some websites that might help you. They have ads for houses for rent or sale there too. Calgary Sun::Home Page,, - Welcome to

    If you have kids Calgary's Child

    jobsites...Calgary Region job search and jobs posting. Find a high quality employee. Find the perfect job., - Today's The Day!
    Hope that helps...
  8. Yah i'm from Calgary... great city, like other said lotsa job oppurtunities around here. The weather for one is a downside.. haha, not enjoying the freezing weather. So far so good, not too cold... Housing has skyrocketed...

    good luck, let us know if you decide to come!
  9. I live in Edmonton, yeah housing it pretty expensive, so you might want to consider renting. Low taxes are great, but yeah the weather does get pretty awful sometimes.

    Be sure to pay West Edmonton Mall a visit sometime...they're beginning to expand into higher end stores, some of the stores are quite nice.
  10. Yes, I'm in Calgary, and I love it here!

    Jobs are plentiful here and the city is a lot of people said, the weather sucks during the winter, but I love it here during the summer.

    Housing is expensive and you MAY have difficulties finding a place. Start looking right away, my coworker applied for a beautiful apartment yesterday and her application was accepted. It's definitely cooled down a little, so I dont' know, it may be a tad easier to find a place now.

    You definitely CAN see the mountains from here. I have the view of the mountains from my room as well as my workplace (the ONLY revolving one in Calgary! LOL) and on sunny days they're beautiful. :tender:

    Shopping is pretty good. We have a few big malls and a ton of little ones. Unfortunately, we don't have very many designer boutiques...they're all just located downtown in Holt Renfrew as little counters or small areas.

    People are generally very friendly here...well, when they're driving, not so much...but haha, you get the point!
  11. omigosh! i totally agree with you on the driving part! Calgary drivers have got to be the WORST drivers in the country. Even when my bf and I were in LA this past summer, with 6-7 lane freeways, the drivers were a lot more courteous and less frustrating as the drivers here. Drivers here are either A: shouldn't be driving, its a wonder how they got their permits B. rude and selfish with no consideration for others C. a rare bunch that actually drive like normal human beings!! :hysteric:
  12. Thank you all for the information. It sounds like a lovely city, but I don't know if I will be able to handle the cold. I am also concerned about being able to find a job. I am an industrial/organizational consultant and am not sure how many jobs would be available.:shrugs:

  13. hahah so true, my SO is ALWAYS always talking about how some of the drivers got their permits! It is frustrating..
  14. I'm a Calgarian, & I've lived here all my life!
    I highly recommend living in Calgary... it's a very comfortable city to live in... I also find the air here much better to breathe...

    I love how we only have 6% tax...

    But because it's a booming city, the traffic suck... but their slowly working on it...
  15. I'm in Calgary, just back actually after 15 years in the US - what a difference ! I love Alberta :smile: but I do miss Texas .. lots of similarities though.