Anybody from Austin Texas?

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  1. I'm currently still working in Sydney Australia, but will go to Austin in March for a couple weeks and eventually move there in June.
    Says hi if you live around Austin/Round Rock :yes: ! I will be bored when i get there cos i know nobody except hubby to be :crybaby:

    Me loves shopping of course :P and it would be great if i can get to know girls who knows what am talking about (about bags, shoes and clothes) hehehe...

    I love LV, Chanel, Gucci, Fendi and Prada for bags. I love Choo and Blahnik shoes. That said i also have a fair share of cheaper shoes and bags as well (less than $200) and I dont really splurge on expensive clothes unless for special occasion.

    :heart: :heart:
  2. I live just down the road in San Antonio -- on the north side so just 45 minutes from Austin. I'll meet you halfway in San Marcos at the outlet mall!
  3. ah yes, I heard about the outlet! would love to go :yes: !!
  4. You HAVE to go to the Neiman Marcus Last Call store in Austin. It is my favorite!! I have gotten so many great deals there, but probably my best was a Donna Karen evening gown that was originally $2400, that I bought for $40. It is a destination shopping place for me, as even though there is one in Dallas, I like the one in Austin better!!!!
  5. Hi Annemerrick, thx for the info, i really look forward to be there now :smile:

    Pls keep the infos coming, or if anyone else live in the area?
    Can anyone also recommend a gym perhaps, and wheres the best place to have spa, manicure and pedicure heheh :rolleyes:
    Hubby to be only can recommend the best place to eat at this point :roflmfao:

    Thank you!!
  6. Hi glistenpearls! We used to live in Austin in a suburb called Lakeway. It is a golf community, very nice! We still have our home there, we lease it out. I believe that they have done ALOT of building in Lakeway, a NM and Saks went in (I'm pretty sure but I may be wrong about both) I don't know which area you are going to be moving to in Austin but if I can be of any help just let me know. We also have other rental properties that are inside Lakeway proper, it's a really nice place, sort of in the middle of 620 just 20 minutes or so out of Austin. Best of luck to you! It's a great town!!
  7. Hi Chag,
    We will live in Round Rock till late June. After that we would have to look for another place. I will ask him where is Lakeway. He told me, he would want to get a place near his workplace (he work at Dell).
  8. I live 5 mins away from Round Rock Outlet!!!! IKEA just opened and traffic is horrible. It won't get any better since Christmas is just around the corner.

    Which DELL office? There are a couple in Texas.
  9. NM is along MOPAC(not open yet). Not too far from Round Rock. Saks is in the Arboretum along MOPAC :smile:
  10. He's in Austin office i think (1 Dell way)...
  11. Oh that's still in Round Rock. It's close to nice residential areas. You won't have a hard time settling in :smile:
  12. Heheh, i hope so. i would be so bored when hes off to work.
    I'm working in sydney right now and i am used to be busy and have no problems catching public transports to go everywhere (Sydney's traffic is horrible).
    He told me its a little hard to get around without a car in AUstin which is bummer cos we only have 1 car right now (and hes using it to go to work) and I really want to get around town even going to the gym rather than staying at home.
  13. mags what did they open in Lakeway? I am racking my brain trying to think of what that section is called..... It is on both sides of the intersction of 620 and Bee Caves (71) They were planning it when we left and broke ground on it and by the time we had returned both sides were going but I can't remember what all went it. I thought they were going to put in a big name like NM or Saks at least I had HOPED!!
  14. Glisten- Yippie someone to go shopping with. I live in Lakeway and we could hit the stores for sure. Just let me know when you get here..:flowers:
  15. I live in Lakeway off Brook Hollow by the park. The shopping center they just finished has Marshalls, Famous Footwear, Best Buy, Petsmart, Michaels, Pier One Imports, Lowes, Cost Plus, Mattress Store and Billards Store.

    They are building a huge mall across the street on 71 and 620. what a traffic nightmare...

    Looks like you went from Texas to California. DH and I from California to Texas.

    If you are ever out this way let me know..:yes: