Anybody Feng Shui?


Dec 27, 2005
Does anyone Feng Shui? Any thoughts on how it is going? I have read 3 books about it in the past 2 days. I am really in to the clearing out the clutter, simplify by life and get my life and home in balance. I feel very motivated by this. It seems so simple and yet so complex to get your house in order.
Just wanted to see what others have done and what helped you make the changes.


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Jan 2, 2006
My dad is SUPER interested in this, my mom and I (and my sister) not so much. but we deal with his rearranging and such.

Daddy reads the Chinese books with the man on the front and he also paid an insane amount of money for a well-known Feng Shui master to come to our main house to tell us how to arrange things. That was interesting.

And through the Feng Shui books, I know that I am not suppose to be associated with the color red this year. :shrugs:


Dec 27, 2005
I have seen rooms in the feng shui books that seem to have this flow to them. I also have watched some decorating shows and I think it can make a difference in the energy in a home. I have hated my house since we moved in, I feel it has very bad energy. Especially the master bedroom. I can't sleep in that room and get a good nights sleep. I can sleep in my kids room and feel rested like a vacation and even my guest room is comfortable. I am trying to learn more on how to place the furniture and I want to do a house blessing when I am done.


Sep 3, 2006
Hi Gillianna, yes I know a bit of feng shui. I got into it about 7 years ago, and read loads of books, really studied it at the time (though I am quite rusty now), and 'did' the room of the flat I rented then. Before long I bought my first flat and 'did' it- I really took the -different colours for different compass directions- to heart, and had a very brightly coloured flat.

I have moved twice since then, and have feng shui-ed each property since, though in more subtle ways- with the placement of objects, plants etc- not the abundance of bright colours.

I also (probably more importantly) keep in mind the 'best direction' part of it, where dependent on your kua number (off the top of my head I can't remember how you work out your number, I think it is to do with your d.o.b.) you have certain compass directions that help you, and some that hinder.

My best direction is west, so it suits me to face west when I study, or sit in a room, or sleep, it is beneficial to me if my front door faces westwards etc etc. With each house move, since I got into feng shui, I have taken my best direction and my husbands best direction into account before making a move.

Feng shui has certainly made me tidier, and quite minimalist in the home if nothing else, as it lauds a calm, well ordered environment. I also credit it for my calm and contented life. It may be a coincidence, but when I got into it (I was in my mid 20s and a student, which can be a chaotic time) my life was pretty disorganised (not bad, but full of ups and downs), since feng shui-ing, my life has gotten better and better with every passing year. I would certainly recommend it.

Do you sleep, facing a certain way in one room and not in the other? Also, if you feel you sleep better in your guest room, perhaps you should swap rooms.

Lillian Too has written some very user friendly Feng Shui books, so I would start there.


Aug 20, 2006
I do feng shui too

besides lillian too, you can also check out dragon gate..
they have some easy to understand tips..

I do sleep in a certain direction and try to work facing a certain direction too..
The directions depend on your particular personal number

apart from these generic stuff, I have consulted a few feng shui masters while on holiday in Msia too...(recommended to my mom by her friends) far, they've been pretty good.

oh yeah, I like using crystals too :smile:


Dec 27, 2005
All the beds in the house face the same direction. I just have bad vibes in our bedroom. This has happened from day one in this house. It's like bad karma. Wierd story but when we moved in the master bedroom had the most horrible odor that would come and go, it literally made me sick where I refused to sleep in the room. It was worse by the window in the front so I thought a dead bird might be in the eves of the roof. We contacted our home inspector and he spend about 3 hours going over the house, he was in the attic, took meter measurements to see if the walls, ect. were damp. Nothing was found. He said never in his career has he came across this. Our furniture and mattress was new. So it was really strange. The odor did go away so I still think dead bird...... I hated this house from day one and still hate it. It just feels like chaos to me. It is not decorated the way I want, it does not feel like my house. I have been painting and removing wallpaper. I try so hard.....
I just watched a video on feng shui today, it was quite interesting. You get your number by adding the last two numbers of your year of birth, then adding those two numbers to get one number which gives you the symbol of fire, water, metal, wood, earth. It was very interesting. I have been reading about colors too. I think to start I need to get rid of any clutter, which is very easy for me to do. I have no problem throwing things out or giving them away. Less is more to me. I do have quite a lot of feng shui decorating books to read and feel pretty confident that I will learn from them. I think it will be a slow process but one that will show a great difference in your life.
Thanks for all the information on this.
Nov 8, 2006
^hey gillianna, definitely re do it if you feel that strongly about the house. I assume it's your house so sinceu live there, u need to feel comfortable in the house.

and sometimes just rearranging things can make a big difference. it doesn't have to be an expensive redo.

i read 1 book on feng shui but the directions were all too confusing for me.. =P

Good luck!! i hope your master bedroom starts to feel more homey soon!!!


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Oct 29, 2005
My parents are very into feng shui and they're always rearranging the furnitures, putting crystals and certain objects in certain areas in our house; or make me change my room decorations in accordance to my luck for that year. It's annoying sometimes but whatever works I guess! :okay: