Anybody fans of Dooney

  1. Anybody out there like the Doodle medium sac bag? I bought one in white. It is now my favorite bag. [​IMG] I am getting compliments.:biggrin:
  2. Not a D&B fan, but your new bag is cute & summery. Lots of nice colors. I know D&B is very popular w/ teenagers & the younger crowd.
    Congrats & Enjoy!!! Nothing brightens your day like a new bag.
  3. I'm a D&B fan, but mostly just the Alto line. I've seen 3 girls so far with that bag in the past 2 days! Cute & so colorful :heart:
  4. Thanks!, I am 45. God Bless!:smile:
  5. I don't have any Dooneys, but I've seen a lot of women your age carrying them! They are great bags that last for the money.
  6. Congrats! It is cute and summery. Not really my style but it doesnt matter what I think as long as YOU like it! "Whatever floats your boat".:biggrin::lol::flowers:
  7. I love all the bright multi-colors -- so cheery!
  8. Purseloco,
    I didn't mean to offend you at all. I know many ladies in their 40's rocking their D&B!!!! Like I said, it's a fun, colorful, & summery, and a very cute bag.
  9. No offense taken, I bought it for the very reason you stated it is young. I needed something to lift my spirits and it did,:biggrin: and so did you.
  10. Cute bag, very fun and colorful. I love all the young looking bags but I am a (ahem) mature (aka OLD) woman so I tend toward more sedate styles. I really am liking the AWL leather bags that another poster posted a week or so ago. I love Dooney's quality and have never found fault in any of their bags I've had. If I was just a tad younger I would buy that bag of yours in a minute. I like the sac style.
  11. I think it's cute...I don't have good luck with white bags but yep, whatever floats your boat!!

    I have a D&B from way back in 1992 (all weather leather satchel) which was my first big splurge and I still love it but I guess nowadays it's a little retro, eh?
  12. I am 30 and I love my Tattoo Medium Banana Bag. I also have a wonderful domed satchel but I never carry it, I need to sell it.
  13. It's cute. Really nice for summer. I like your bag! Congrats.
  14. I like Dooney and I like this one too! Congrats!! :smile:
  15. Congrats on your new bag!