Anybody familiar with old Koobas?

  1. I have a few old Koobas that I don't know the names of the handbags (they may not even have names for all I know.)

    Just wondering if anybody was familiar with the brand's bags before the "Sienna" was introduced. It would have been prior or around when the "Kim" came out.
  2. If you post some pictures I might be able to help you. Or describe them, Im a closet Kooba expert : )
  3. Here are two of the bags, along with a shot of the interior of one of the bags (they all have the same interior/label.)
    Kooba_Black_Shoulder.jpg Kooba_Pink_satchel.jpg Kooba_Pink_satchel_inner_tag.jpg
  4. I'm afraid I don't know the names of these ones except to say that they are from before the Kim. Maybe these were the first ever Kooba's?
  5. the one on the right is the "tyler" - sorry, no idea about the other one!
    edited to add: i love those old linings - i have one with this and it's so much better than the logo print or the ultra suede IMO!