Anybody exp with Cartier Love Rings Recreation?

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  1. Hi!

    My Love Rings (band and ring) have become a bit too snug on me. I contacted Cartier CS and they said they will charge 60% of the item's price for this "Recreation" since LOVE rings can't be resize? Any one has any experience with this? Or provide some weight loss tips :smile:?

    One of my ring fits comfortably, but the ring is always leaving marks on my fingers like they don't fit... Do your rings do that as well? Like the edges are cutting into my finger... Arghhhhh

  2. I personally don’t think it’s worth it. I had no idea that after losing only 10 pounds that my fingers and wrists would slim down so much. Of coarse everyone is different If you have any plans to lose weight soon.. I highly recommend waiting it out
  3. Yeah, I think it's extortion, but that is what they've told me as well. I would say that at that price, you could almost sell it and buy one new that's the right size, and it would be the same price or less without waiting. Alternatively, sell and buy an authentic one in right size on secondary market, send in for polishing and it will be an almost even exchange.
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  4. I think I probably will get it “recreate” Bc when I first bought it, it was snug and I work with my hands a lot. Now I like my rings to be loose since my hands also swells a lot.... I’ll probably do it in Dec... stay tuned
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