Anybody ever washed a Snuggie in the machine?

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  1. How did it turn out? I'm a little worried the fabric might pill in a machine wash but way too lazy to hand wash.
  2. Yep - I did it, dried on low and it was just fine. :smile:
  3. Thanks!
  4. I've washed and dried mine several times with no problems at all.
  5. Same here, I wash and dry ours without any problems. They don't look brand new but they come out just fine.
  6. I was at my friends house yesterday and she was pulling her snuggie out of the dryer and it looked fine.
  7. I've washed DD's a couple of times and it's just fine.
  8. I have washed mine and it is fine
  9. Yes, a gentle cycle in cold water. No problems.
  10. gentle cycle with Woolite. Still soft and Snugglie...

  11. OMG-is that a raccoon you're holding in your hand in your avatar? He's adorable!:biggrin:
  12. OMG I thought this was a vaclav thread LOL
  13. yup. its a baby raccoon but thats not me holding it. I grabbed the pic off the internet - pretty damn cute, no?
  14. I found that washing my slanket actually made is softer and fluffier!
  15. LOL I love how Snuggies are becoming so commonplace now.