Anybody ever used Magic Eraser on a Coach bag?

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  1. I just got a vintage leather Coach bag from eBay, and although the bag itself is in good condition, the strap is nearly black. (It's supposed to be British Tan! Ouch!)

    I'm probably going to try the Magic Eraser just because I've heard good things about how it removes dirt from vachetta on LV bags, but I figured it was worth asking if anyone else had tried it on regular Coach leather before I gave it a shot. The strap is so darn black from dirt that I figure it can't look any worse if I try....but you never know. :Push:
  2. uh, all I know is I used the eraser on my walls and it left white streaks that wouldnt wash off, I had to repaint. I would never use it on anything I cared about.
  3. I'd try some type of leather cleaner first.
  4. Coach has its own leather cleaner and conditioner - I would certainly go there first!!
  5. Okay, so here's what happened. I first tried both the Coach cleaner and then the AppleGuard cleaner. I used them both on the bag and the strap. The bag is in mostly okay shape already, so I just tried to get rid of the black marks on the edges of the top strap (it's a vintage Court Bag in British Tan with the original real brass fittings). But the strap was practically black with oil and dirt, so it got scrubbed twice over with both cleaners.

    The bag looked much better. But the strap still looked horrible. So I figured it was a lost cause anyway and got out the Magic Eraser. I scrubbed the strap on both sides and hung it to dry overnight.

    It looks SO much better! What the Magic Eraser basically did was remove the top layer of the leather, and since it's good old quality dyed-all-the-way-through Coach, that resulted in the original (though aged like the rest of the bag) shade showing after all the crud on the top was removed.

    So all I have to do now is moisturize the heck out of the bag and the strap, and they will be ready to be worn in public. Yay!

    I wouldn't recommend Magic Eraser as your first attempt, but if you've given up all hope and wouldn't use it ever in its current condition, then Magic Eraser might be worth a shot. YMMV as always.

    I love a happy ending!
  6. wow, for a while I was worried about the ending of your story.. nice to hear that the bag will be used in a few days or so... and as you said, nice to have happy endings..
  7. Phew! I was a little worried too! I am relieved it all worked out okay! You will have to post a pic for us! I am curious to see a vintage COACH!
  8. I'm glad it worked out ok! :biggrin: I've used ME on Coach vachetta before and it worked well. I just did it lightly and it got a few stains out and evened out the patina. Coach moisturizer works wonders on bags like the court bag. I love vintage Coach! :heart: :heart:
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