Anybody ever see this site?

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  1. Hi all-

    I am a newbie at this whole birkin thing, and I came across this site: xxxxxx
    anybody ever use them, or know of anyone who has?

    I am still a grad student, and am saving for the big *real* purchase, I am a little tempted to get one of theirs in the mean time...please talk me out of it!
  2. :tdown: We don't condone advertising websites that sell fakes here... you're supporting child labor, copyright infringement and a host of other crimes if you were to purchase one of those knockoffs. That should be reason enough not to!

    We've got a thread for those of us saving to get our dream Hermes bag; feel free to post about what bag you want and how you're working to get it there! Trust me, saving and getting the real thing is so much better than a knockoff-- and it's worth it! Welcome to tPF.
  3. From one grad student to another.....I think it's more important to get your education over and done with, your career established and your life settled before thinking of buying a Birkin.
  4. naughty! naughty! keep saving and buy the real thing.
  5. thanks all!! you are so right.....just a moment of shoppers insanity!
  6. ^^It happens to the best of us!
  7. definitely save your money and buy the real thing. you will be so glad you did!! welcome!
Thread Status:
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