anybody ever returned bag overseas?

  1. i need help with shipping.
    please pm me.
  2. i had to return a fake to hong kong. i went to kinko's after looking on the web as to who shipped overseas. after going through the whole process i asked how much an d they said like $80. i asked if there was a cheaper way and they told me that i could go to the u.s. post office and they shipped it for around $20 or so. i don't know the way kinko's was going to do it. there are customs forms and you have to declare the value but since that scammer put $50 i did too. i can't tell you about a receipt... you will have to ask them.
  3. I have sold numerous items overseas, but I did purchase a Chloe bag from someone in the UK and I just filled out the custom forms on line, printed them out and took it to the post office. I sent is signature confirmation and I think it was about $17.00. It is really not as scary as it initially seems when looking on the USPS site. Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer any questions. Good Luck!
  4. thanks girls.....
    i sent the returned bag today. and the seller is very nice. another pf-er has done a return with her too and she said that the seller was very nice about it. i guess since this is the first time for me, i am kinda scared......
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