Anybody ever order from

  1. I've done a search and can't come up with anything. Is this site bogus?
  2. Has anyone heard any of this website? I am looking for a Gucci Pelham. I am afarid of all the fakes on eBay!
  3. oopppss.. I mean vogueland
  4. They sell fakes. There have been previous threads about this site.
  5. is vogueland a real company
  6. please help
  7. I've never heard anything about them, but the prices and photos make me think they are more inspired bags & accessories. (But I am no expert, just going from the
    Chloe line advertised).:wondering
  8. Fake.
  9. i have never heard of it
    I just found this website, and sell most of the bag at sale price (like 50% off from a regular price), and I don't if these bags are real or fake. So I was wondering does anyone heard or bought anything from there?
  11. Is it just me or do some of their photos look like Neiman Marcus/BG and Net-a-Porter pics?:confused1:
  12. I believe they are fakes, I wanted to purchase an Edith Bowler and knowing they were using NMs pics asked to see pics of the actual product to which they replied not possible as they have to order first from the supplier, asked if they could guarentee authenticity and they never replied, would guess they have the same supplier as Bluefly!
  13. Looks dodgy! Pics stolen from NM, Diabro and NAP! They have the new quilted bay at a discount?! Unlikely! Best to stay away from that place. The webpage looks very unprofessional!
  14. ^ ITA. :yes:
  15. Some of the paddies don't look good at all....cannot be authentic.