Anybody ever had a really AMAZING vacation? Where did you go?

  1. So, I am about to go to Europe with my boyfriend. We have planned this month long car trip to Venice, Croatia and Paris, however both of us are starting to wonder whether a car trip is more stressful and less pleasant than we are looking for right now. We are wondering if we should look for a last minute cruise, or go to a Sandals type all inclusive resort...

    If anyone has done something truly great and amazing on a vacation such as a cruise, or a all inclusive resort, or a paricular resort on a certain island or country... or anything great... please post it here! I think we would all benefit from learning about the best hotels, locations, and .... and... well I'll leave the "and" to you!

  2. Hawaii has been an amazing paradise vacation for us. We've been twice - once on our honeymoon and once for 2 weeks w/ our kids. The island of kauai is amazing!!
  3. Last September we took the family to the French Riviera.NICE,CANNES,Monte Carlo...etc...It was the best vacation I ever had..My best friend even came with her hubby....SO much fun and the best shopping too!!!!!LOL!
  4. on a cruise to the caribbean this past summer, many "foo foo drinks" and dancin in the night club on board. not to mention swingin through the trees on a cable and swimming with stingrays ( i didnt swim but people in my party did )
  5. I totally agree with Hawaii! I went to Disney, FL and Hawaii this year. Disney was wayyy fun but BF and I were dead tired at the end of each day. Maui on the other hand is so relaxing!!! I could live there forever if I can! :yes:
  6. Disney is always a family favorite, and we just came back from a week long Niagara Falls trip and had a BLAST!! Kids said they had more fun then Disney! So that was good!
  7. If I had a month to spend on vacation, I'd probably rent a house in Italy and rent a car and have that as my home base but then take trips to other areas for a few days at a time.

    I went on a week long Alaskan cruise this summer and that was a pretty great vacation. You can make it longer than a week by spending time in the city you leave from (like seattle or vancouver) or adding on time in denali. But the season to do a trip like that is pretty much over after September I think.

    But it sort of sounds like you're not sure what kind of vacation you want... do you want relaxing in the sun with no real structure to your day or time? Or do you want exploring cities and cultural things to do? A Sandals resort vs. a month exploring multiple cities in Europe are just two totally different vacations.
  8. The best vacation I had was a few years ago when we sailed on a private boat with three other couples around the Virgin Islands. We had a private French chef on board and every meal was better than the next!
  9. Favorite vacation spot is Cancun, Mexico I love the white sandy beach and the different shades of blue you see in the ocean. It has everthing we look for in a vacation and more. If you enjoy clubs, shopping, and relaxing on the beach this might be the place for you.
    Oh, I wish I was on vacation.
  10. That's good to know. I've never been to Niagara Falls, and we're trying to convince our kids that it'd be a fun trip, but they're not buying it!
  11. I live in Hawaii, so Hawaii is not an option. I really love adventuring vacations, but I hurt my knee recently, so I am wondering about finding a resort hotel in Europe or cutting down on movement, but I am also keen on just learning where people have been and what they have done.
  12. Sandlas in St. Lucia was fantastic, TOTALLY recommend. Although I have to add that's is completely NON-commercial, no McD's or other chains; I LOVEd this, it was all very local and authentic.
    Also, have to recommend Ka'Anapali Beach area of Maui, the Hyatt is fantastic! We go almost every year, you just can't beat it! It's close to LaHaina which is fun for night life.
  13. The best vacation I've had so far was last summer, definately! :biggrin:

    We flew over to Copenhagen, Denmark first. Stayed there for a couple days, then took a cruise over to Oslo, Norway. Stayed there for a couple days too and then drove over to Stockholm, Sweden :biggrin: After a couple more days, we took another cruise over to Helsinki, Finland. Only stayed here for about a day, and then we took a train over to St. Petersburg, Russia. This was really fun for me since it was the first time I've been on a train lol. St. Petersburg was amazing; we stayed there for like 2 days, then took a small plane over to Moscow! I loved Moscow too. The whole trip was somewhere around 2 weeks I think? Anyways it was really fun for me since it was my first time in Europe, and we got to switch planes at London & Paris I can say that I've 'been there' now. :P I love Scandanavia..I will definately go back someday.

    Oh yea this trip we went with a tour group, so everything was taken care of; the food we had was some of the best I've ever had, and I loved the hotels :biggrin:

    I loove traveling & I love hearing about other people's travel experiences :biggrin: The one city I've always wanted to go to is Paris. But I think I'll save that for when I'm in university, so I can be old enough to go alone & really enjoy it.
  14. Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Hawaii and NYC are my three favorite vacation spots that I have experienced so far.
  15. japan and hong kong all in one trip

    talk about shopping! i went to japan the day before christmas...and after..boy oh boy the sales, the clothes, the bags, and shoes!!!

    and of course, hong kong, shopping same.

    but the best part is in japan it's scenic too. wish i had enough guts to do the hot spring thing, but i did get to go to a japanese tea ceremony, visit temples, gemstone/pearl stores...etc.