Anybody ever get a STEAL?

  1. HI all,

    I'm a thrift store shopper, yup. And I always hope to find a Coach treasure...I live in a very remote area and nobody knows what a Coach is or isn't so I'm hoping someday to find something good.

    Anybody ever been so lucky?
  2. Unfortunately I've never found a Coach treasure in a thrift store... but I've found a lot of other amazing things! I've bought a £5 DvF skirt, a £5 vintage LV makeup bag (real, authenticated by the fabulous ladies in the LV forum!), and a ton of other designer and semi-designer things for similar prices. I love the thrill of the chase! :smile:
  3. i've never gotten anything at thrift shops...but i did just win an eBay auction for a vintage 1994 coach leather prairie bag for $11.00. It was in pristine condition when i got it in the mail!

    Great thread!
  4. I got a 6x8 sig planner with the rose leather trim for $63 at the outlet. It still had the boutique tag for $218!
  5. Not Coach, but I did get a big authentic Louis Vuitton duffle at a consignment shop for $150! I LOVE it, it's a great carry on bag. The vachetta already had a dark patina, but there were no outside stains, only a small pen mark on the inside. LOVE it, it's like a $1500 LV a style they don't make anymore in the monogram
  6. I've never gotten a steal at a thrift shop. I sometimes see vintage Dooney purses priced around $30-50 though.
  7. A co-worker got a vintage coach bag at the goodwill for 10.00 turned around and sold it on eBay for 70.00 I tried to get her to keep it but oh well
  8. I got a vintage Louis Vuitton Jeune Fille bag for $20 at a local resale shop. I couldn't believe it!