anybody ever do this....??

  1. Am I the only one....I bought the mini lin speedy a couple of weeks ago and returned it, because I thought it was too saggy and other reasons, can't even remember them now. LOL Now I want it again, I can't stop thinking about it and trying to figure away to get it. Today I was at LV to get my agenda, and I looked at it again and fell in love with it all over. So now, I want it even more than before. Maybe sometimes you have to get rid of something to realize you totally :heart: it!!! Nuts...I know, but I got to have it!!!:hysteric:
  2. Yes, I do it too. I can never make up my mind. Go get it again! If you can't stop thinking about it, that's when you know you really love it!
  3. Because I fear this may happen to me, I just don't return anything...LOL. I have had the thoughts to sell some, but even my fiance says 'why...then one day youre going to wish you still had it and they won't carry it anymore'.
  4. I've done that before many times.

    You want it so bad, then you get it home and your like ... ehhhhhh.

    Return it.

    Then miss it.

    Then NEED it.

    Kind of like a "significant other" ... no ... jk! :roflmfao:

    Nah but, If you really want it that bad .. GO GET IT BACK ... its yours.

    And very true on what you said:

    You don't realize how much you :heart: something, until you've lost it.
  5. Lol I know a couple of people around here have (bought, then returned, then bought it again) but I haven't. I've never returned anything, only exchanged a belt for a different size. My mom returned my dad's Abbesses messenger because it didn't fit all of the things he needed for work. Otherwise though, no returns on my part. Once I buy it, it's mine :graucho:
  6. I've never done it with an LV before, but I've done it with other bags I've owned. I kept buying the bag, taking it home and realizing it didn't work for me and then a few months later debating about buying it, buying it and returning it again...though the second time, you may realize you really love it!
  7. haha! its ok.. i know a lot of people who do this! get it!! it's a cute bag!
  8. if you worry about sagging, try to use a purseket, or place a cardboard at the bottom to prevent sag?
  9. I know a lot of people who do it, but I usually don't return anything! Once I buy it, it is all mine!
  10. Well, your just going to have to get it again (LOL)....I'm telling you, I just :heart: mine...sag and all.
    You don't know what you've got til it's gone.....I don't think this was about handbags though:nuts: but it seems fitting.
  11. ^^ Agreed, a piece of cardboard is the answer. I use a cardboard envelope on the bottom of my Mini Lin Speedy to keep it from sagging.

    I've never bought something and then regretted returning it; but I do regret not returning a few things I've never used.
  12. well, my story's a bit similar...i bought my first lv- mono speedy 30. loved it at the store but found it too saggy later on. someone wanted to buy it from me so i sold it. now i want a mono speedy again- but this time a 25. it's the perfect size for me (i have an azur speedy 25- not as saggy as the 30 IMO).
  13. God yes, I've even returned something while I've still been in the mall - roughly 20 mins after buying - it never even made it home. I agonise over whether I made the right decision and, yes, I've returned a bag than realised I made a huge mistake - tried to buy it again only to find it was sold out! Now I work on the 'do I love it' method before I buy. If I love it in the store it's a keeper, if I'm undecided I tend to leave it on the shelf. My Speedy 30 was an instant love and I still adore it. Some things are meant to be!
  14. I do not believe in returns unless there is a defect with a bag. So, no, I do not return items. I make sure that I totally need and love the item. Actually, before I make any purchase, I research on this forum to find the pros/cons of it. Then, I decide to purchase it. However, this is just my personality.:graucho:
  15. I alway think really long and good about it, until I even dream about it. Then I know it is time to buy it and then I am sure I will never regret it.
    But with cheap things... I am really impulsive and regret often (but that's not so bad because it is not so much money..