Anybody ever contacted the police about item not received?

  1. okay so as some of you will already know, I bought what turns out to be a fake gucci bag on eBay, and after contacting the seller she agrees to refund me the money once I receive it.

    Problem is, I haven't received it and I doubt that she sent it as she has been unable to provide tracking details, saying she is 'away for a few days'.

    I've started a paypal claim, but I think I'm only covered up to £150, when the bag cost £250.

    Has anybody ever bothered going to the police about anything like this? Is it worth it? Will they laugh at me?!
  2. I haven't but I was very tempted when I was scammed with a fake Chanel bag. I am really interested to hear what others have to say because I don't see why this shouldn't be taken to the police. It is illegal activity so surely they have responsibility to take it seriously?
  3. I am working with the police as we speak. In April of 2006 I purchased an LV denim Speedy and unfortunately completed the transaction outside of eBay and sent her a money order. I never got the bag. I finally figured out where she lives (she used a fake name and address) because she had her mother in law cash the money order. The police are currently pursuing her for me. If you do talk to the police, be prepared for it to take a long time. You need to find someone who is willing to work with you.
  4. my friend once purchased a LV and never recieved it. the seller's been avoiding her phone calls and emails. so my friend decided to go to the police station see if they could track down the person's details via phone number n bank account number.
    and what the police said to her was "theres not much we can do, just do not shop online next time"
  5. My brother, as well as my ex are police officers (helps to stay good friends with ex) so it helps I have a few sources who will help me (actually helping me), but I would pursue it. Something similar may have happened to me, although I am still at this point of working with the seller, and giving her the benefit of the doubt. However, they both insisted that I file a police report if the issue cannot be quickly resolved. They both stated that filing a report would help to get the item or money back.
  6. Remember it is the SELLERS responsibility to ensure that the item reaches you. If you don't get it - it is their fault and Paypal will hold them accountable. Dumb on their part not to have tracking or insurance - if they really did send it they will have trouble finding it...
  7. wow!! that's crazy! and good investigating on your part, figuring out her mother in law's address. heheh!:tup::supacool:
  8. You still have not received it?? have you put in a paypal claim yet? x

  9. Nope. I escalated it to a claim today - and sent the seller an email saying that if I don't receive the money back or at the very least the bag, then I will be contacting the police and trading standards.

    No reply. Surprise surprise.
  10. It is actually a crime called theft by conversion. You pay for an item you never receive. The problem is, the police like to argue over jursidictional issues when it is out of your area. But, it is still a crime and I would pursue it.
  11. You can always scare them and tell them that ur in the process of pressing charges...paypal actually gave me that idea when one of the website didnt refund me money after i returned the item to them...and after months and months of emailin them..they finally gave me a refund AFTER i told them that i contacted the police...u will have to be really patient
  12. I'm in New York and a seller in Nevada screwed me out of 126.00. I called the District Attorney in his county. It took 6 months but He got my money back for me.
  13. Thanks for all your replies - seems it depends what country/county you are as to what kind of response you get from the police.

    That said, the bag arrived today. So, now I can see that yes, it IS a fake...I will have to send it back. Only problem is, I don't think I can change paypal dispute from an item not received to a significantly not as described. I better just hope she refunds it!
  14. I saw on another thread that if you contact them they can change the nature of the claim for you. Just don't close the existing claim even though it's not the right kind.
  15. Did she send the bag with delivery confirmation? If not, then I would just proceed with the INR. A little underhanded, yes, but at least you won't have to pay to send the fake bag back to her.

    If she did use DC, then hopefully you can change your dispute as a PP said.